Julie Plec Speaks on Phoebe Tonkin, Vampire Diaries Season 4 Casting

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We got right down to it with Vampire Diaries producer Julie Plec in San Diego: How can we get Phoebe Tonkin to move to Mystic Falls?!?

Fellow producer Kevin Williamson teased this possibility a few weeks ago, and then couldn't hide his interest in the former Secret Circle star sticking around The CW when we brought it up again with him at Comic-Con.

So it's your move, Julie. Make her a witch. A waitress. A love interest for Damon. We'll take Tonkin however we can get her.

In this exclusive interview with Plec, she expresses her affection for Phoebe as well, while also touching on Elena's transformation and the new vampire hunter coming to down.

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Relax ppl,let em al come coz it will make the show great,beside Faye would make a great play thing for damon while elena n stefan r in there happily ever after


Maybe she can be a real love interest for damon that doesnt screw him around and hurt him...she could be the one to help him and get him to trust people again. It would be nice for damon to actually love someone who wont keep leaving him...


why do the writers always make everyone team stefan and never team damon?


It won't work for me, trasncribe it darnit. I want to know about some Faye Chamberlain in Mystic Falls. She'd pwn Elena's ass, vampire or not. I love that girl.


YES YES YES! Phoebe Tonkin is my favorite actress. I love her. She's beautiful and would make a great vampire/witch/love interest on TVD. AND it would be amazing to see her on another show with Claire Holt (they were both on H2O: Just Add Water together).


please no. I like Phoebe Tonkin but please not on the vampire diaries.


I don't want Phoebe on the show. If I see her on TVD, all I'm going to be thinking about if Faye Chamberlain. And let's face it, this show needs to stop adding more characters. They have too much.

David and sabrina 2014

I don't mind if she's in the show as long as she's helpful to the main characters and tells more upcoming surprises in the show. I can't wait for season 4. =)

Kitanishi h mcdonald

Does she tell something beyond "herpa derpa Elena is awesome our show is the best" or no? Because I am not going to sit and listen to Julie Plec talking. That tends to drive people insane.

Spindae 2o

I would love to see her in the show, and so that next season she gets a spin-off and leaves the show with Matt and Kol ! :D
I could see her as a Fairy or something different but powerful!

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