Lost Girl Review: Love Lost, but Lust Found

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Love. Ever since Dyson's deal with the Norn and Nadia's reawakening, Bo has been lost in the relationship department. In "Midnight Lamp," she began to move on, while Dyson finally confronted the Norn.

Bo's Ready For Battle

Even more urgent than their love lives is the coming threat from the Garuda. The introduction of this storyline has raised the show to a new level; there is a real threat to the Fae from the Garuda. This has provided a unifying force pulling together a team to fight them.

While unaligned, Bo decided to help The Ash find a Djinn, Sadie (Lauren Holly), who could help them in their battle against the Garuda. That assignment was a bit odd, but it provided for Ryan, who turned out to be a Loki, to return. He is charming, sexy, and just what Bo needed.

After Bo marked and captured Sadie for Lachlan, it was the moment of truth. Would Bo become his champion in the war against the Garuda? I wasn't sure what Bo would do, but she found the perfect compromise. It didn't seem fitting for her to be his champion, since that would give him too much power, but she couldn't ignore the call to duty either. Her solution was brilliant -- partners. He needs her, so he had no choice but to agree.

Going forward, will Bo's loyalties in the fight be to Lachlan or to Trick? They are all fighting for the same thing, but I expect they will have different methods. Both Lachlan  and Trick have lied to Bo, but if a decision has to be made, Trick is more trustworthy. Lachlan still appears to be withholding the full truth and continues to be shady.

For example, Ryan. Why would Bo even consider that Ryan was Dark Fae, since he was working with Lachlan? The Ash of the Light Fae working with a Dark Fae would have seemed inconceivable prior to this. Will the Dark and Light have to work together to defeat the Garuda? Intriguing idea.

In the end, Bo didn't care (even thought it was hot?) that Ryan was Dark Fae and continued their relationship in that moment. It was encouraging to see Bo give into her succubus nature again after what seemed to be a long dry spell. But, with Ciara out of the picture and Lauren returning, her love life is sure to get complicated once again.

Ryan: You are the most enthralling, inspiring, and seriously ass-kicking person that I have ever met. | permalink\

Now that Dyson has found out he can never love another, should he try to find a way to undo his deal with the Norn?


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Dyson needs to make another deal with the Norn to get his love back. I miss Dyson being in the middle with his fiery personality of love and wolf. Let the Norn take what she can from this Gorgon or what have you that's coming to cause trouble. :)


Fun episode. I like the magitek or should I say Faetek?


Ryan is annoying at times. It sucks that Dyson won't be able to love again.I also miss Kenzi


Dyson not being able to love ANYONE is a bit cruel so he should get it back because unfortunately, he is one of those characters that are defined by one thing so he is as interesting as dry paint this season. Ryan is a much better partner for Bo than Dyson will ever be. I missed Kenzi and Lauren (particularly Kenzi's humor) a LOT this ep.


My only interest in Dyson's heart is that getting it back might make him more interesting. The Norn extracted his personality with it. Note to self, always read the fine print when offering a trade with Norns. Ryan seems to have been borrowed from another programme set in the eighties, charming fluff. I think by this time we're starting to see a pattern and the weakness in the show. More episodes bung in more relationships. Spot the red shirt.

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Lost Girl Season 2 Episode 14 Quotes

Umm, anyway, I'm just wondering how many spoonfuls the coffee maker takes and whether or not I should become Lachlan's champion against this evil thing that's coming our way.


Lachlan: I'm counting on you to be my champion.
Bo: Baby steps.