Lost Girl Review: Dark Fae Delight

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Good news: Bo and Ryan are still hooking up. Bad news: they are still hooking up. At least for Kenzi and her boyfriend, Nate.

In "Table for Fae," Lauren and Nadia were still out and about, but Kenzi finally returned... although, due to her and Bo's romantic entanglements, their relationship went from laughs and banter to somewhat estranged.

Will Bo Be Changed?

The double date was awkward right from the beginning. The hostess eying Bo was creepy, though that did have a happy ending. And, then Ryan taking control and ordering funky food for them to eat. Did you catch the Fae slip about the 1940s bottle of wine? Nate seemed confused, but never made an issue of it at least.

Ryan did try to make it right with his seemingly heartfelt apology, but then he got The Morrigan involved. Bad move, man. The Morrigan offered Nate his dream of a music contract, but Kenzi couldn't let him go through with it.

Kenzi's deal with The Morrigan is a scary one. She must really love Nate to agree to give The Morrigan a favor. That's more dangerous than the Nate's recording deal ever would have been. Didn't Kenzi learn anything from Dyson's deal with the Norn? Deals like that in the Fae world never end well.

That simple double date led to doom for both of the girl's relationships. Will Nate be able to over come the rejection and stay with Kenzi? I doubt it. It will be too much for him to handle. Kenzi would have lost him anyway if he signed with The Morrigan, but at least she won't feel any guilt about his future.

And, Kenzi's rejection of Ryan for being Dark Fae was not as detrimental to Bo's relationship with Ryan, but in the long run Bo will make the decision to let him go. He may be fun for now and bring her a beautiful hostess as a gift, but ultimately Bo will choose Kenzi over Ryan. He was cute while it lasted.

The introduction of Ryan has been important for Bo's understanding of the Fae world. He was honest with her about the Dark and Light Fae. While she may be unaligned officially, she definitely has a loyalty to the Light Fae over the Dark. She sees the Dark as the more inhumane side, will Ryan's comment about The Ash imprisoning Lauren change her feelings about the sides? Even though Bo didn't indicate that she was surprised by that reveal, she is sure to follow up on it.

She will work to bring down the Garuda with The Ash and Trick, but after that, will she remain unaligned? Or, will she pick a side?

Odds and Ends

  • The Fae problem of the week didn't provide any insight into the bigger problem happening in the Fae world. It did though bring up the differences in moral code between Bo and Ryan.
  • Bo's determination that the human victims be rejuvenated first showed her compassionate side. Not one that Ryan shares.
  • Dyson. Poor Dyson. He is still suffering from his deal with the Norn. I don't like this angst-filled Dyson. He isn't any fun at all.
  • Hale has become Dyson's punching bag. I miss the Hale-Kenzi interactions.
  • I know there are a lot of Lauren-Bo fans out there that have seen all of season 2. I can't wait to see what has you on Team Doccubus, but I haven't missed her at all while she's been off with Nadia. (No spoilers in the comments, please.)


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Carla day

I find it upsetting to hear there is hate out there for Bo-Lauren because of their gender. I haven't read other reviews or message boards about the show, so I wasn't aware that was an issue. And, it is even worse to find out that it has come about since airing in the US. One of the reasons I love Lost Girl is that gender is a non-issue. For Bo, it's about passion, love, and caring regardless of her partner's gender. One correction about the Syfy edits. What was taken out for time (90 secs) was decided by the Lost Girl producers, not the network.


I don't get the GLBT X Hetero issue. I'm a straight woman, I can not stand Dyson and although Lauren isn't necessarily a favorite of mine (Zoie Palmer's talents notwithstanding), I'd take Bo/Lauren over Bo/Dyson any day. There are several narrow minded, homophobic fans of the show, which grew exponentially every since its premiere on Syfy - the official Facebook page is constantly deleting homophobic/hateful comments, something that has NEVER happened in its Canadian run. It irks me whenever I say something positive about Lauren and/or Doccubus and someone replies with "Of course you feel that way, you're a lesbian". So that protectiveness of actual gay fans of the show is completely justified, in my opinion.


"There is alot of bias floating around because these ships are GLBT and Hetero." Skyfyre999, I agree. I really believe that most TV show reviews are biased in some way, and I'm OK with that (even when my favorites are trashed). However, I can also understand why Lost Girl fans might feel more protective of certain characters. It's rare to find a show that pits a heterosexual relationship against a same-sex relationship and boy does it complicate the ship-wars! For starters, it's hard to know whether a poster's opinion of a character is influenced by an underlying prejudice/bias or something simple like not liking the actor. We could probably all do a better job (myself included) of letting others understand where we're coming from. I'd like to think that most fans of this show are pretty open-minded and would like the show to continue being as progressive as it is.


Got to give credit to an actress that can dominate a review comment thread when she isn't even in the episode. Most of these reviews don't generate more than a handful of comments. Maybe that's why our reviewer chose to generate some feedback by poking the Doccubi. Job done.


There is alot of bias floating around because these ships are GLBT and Hetero. Syfy didn't take the same approach to promoting Season 2 with Lauren as an equal billed, viable love interest. And you can see some of that effect in how the show is reviewed and commented on. Regardless of what happens in the show, they have done ground breaking stuff to forward social causes. I applaud their efforts.


Carla-- Thanks for taking a moment to clarify, I think it's extremely important to understand where you are coming from, both as a reader and a fan of the show. The point has been made frequently that Syfy has not promoted the Lost Girl like they have in Canada, with Lauren as an equal, viable, love interest...and it shows in comments and in reviews that make it seem like the Doctor is a simple plot block between the epic OTP DyBo. She isn't. There's more there. It's socially significant and it's a draw for much of the audience. Fran--It's good that you like Dyson and Kenzi. I actually enjoy them both as well. I think the cast on here is perfect and all of them are talented. You might not like ZP playing Lauren, but I find her performance nuanced, 3-dimensional, and a joy to watch. Lauren is a tough cookie to play with how they have written her. So I think we can disagree on this point amicably. Unfortunately, there is alot of bias floating around about these particular ship teams because one of them is LGBT and the other is hetero. Just because you aren't into Lauren doesn't mean you are _____ fill in the blank. But the long term patterns in reviewers and commentators, some terrible comments by fans, are indeed those terrible words. "isms" are ugly. And they still exist. They taint these conversations at times and that sucks. The fact that Syfy has chosen to not promote Lauren like the original creatures have, is indictitive of the social divide that still puts straight relationships above gay ones. No matter where the show goes in the end, they have done a TON to advance good social equality causes and exposure.


Lauren/ZP doing nothing for people is completely understandable. Saying an actor who recently won an international acting award is "lackluster" however, is not. It is often mentioned by fellow co-workers how she plays the role to perfection and I couldn't agree more. Lauren is exactly who she is supposed to be, flaws and all. I can guarantee I wouldn't be as invested as I am in the character if it wasn't for Zoie Palmer's performance. **They were solid without her due to the addition of Ryan for this arc. Bo wouldn't have learned what she needed from him if Lauren was around.**
Interesting. So one can only assume that applies to other characters as well. So, because Bo "learned what she needed from him", every other character being there was unnecessary to the plot. And yet only Lauren's presence would have been unnecessary to you. Yes, that makes sense and is not at all biased.


I'm a character shipper more than a couple shipper. Dyson and Kenzi are my favorites, so any situation leading to more Dyson or Kenzi screentime is always a big plus (regardless of the Bo relationship). I love the spark these two actors generate with every character which is why the writing for Dyson in s2 is so disappointing (it's wasted talent, IMO). Believe it or not, I find Lost Girl's bold yet casual approach to sexuality and sexual orientation refreshing. They make sexual orientation a non-issue, which is how it should be. It's just unfortunate that if you aren't into Lauren, people mistakenly assume you're close-minded and homophobic. For me, its an issue of a decent character being played by a lackluster actress, who is good with the steamy love scenes but lacking in most other situations. It's hard to ship a character when the actress does nothing for you.


As a straight who likes Doccubus it's been interesting to watch how it's received. I really think that there's a tendency for mainstream reviewers to see Bo as sexually adventurous rather than a bi-sexual whose emotional heart can be touched by either sex. This blindness to her relationship with Lauren is prevelant in a number of reviews. I think Syfy US's influence will make sure that this element of the show veer to what seems to be more acceptable i.e. Bo with males as real relationships and sexy girl one offs for titilation.


"I can't wait to see what has you on Team Doccubus" I think a lot of people, myself included, have been on Team Doccubus since episode 1x06 Food for Thought. Before then we just saw Bo flirting here and there with Lauren. That was cute but not enough to make people ship them. But in 1x06 we got to see them interact more, the way they looked at each other, how they connected and had a great time, Lauren encouraging Bo to trust herself, Bo being afraid of hurting Lauren. And their interaction later in the episode was great too. If after that episode someone still thinks Lauren is boring, I don't think they will ever like her character or understand why people ship Bo/Lauren, IMHO. In terms of pairing, Dyson got an early advantage because he's fae. Bo clearly was attracted to Lauren from the beginning but was hesitant to pursue the relationship in fear of killing her. So she settled with Dyson. I actually found it funny that whenever Kenzi talked to her about Lauren, she always mentioned how she was afraid of killing or hurting Lauren if she slept with her. They hadn't even started a relationship or going out yet. It shows Bo always thinks about that stuff. Normal for a succubus I guess. :-)

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