Private Practice Season 6: No Rules, No Holds Barred!

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Despite the impending departure of Kate Walsh, it's unclear if Private Practice will bow out after its 13-episode sixth season.

But creator Shonda Rhimes has made one thing clear in a new interview: the drama will be doing all out this fall!

One Happy Addison

"The writers and I have approached this season as a no-holds-barred, all bets off season," the uber producer tells William Keck of TV Guide magazine.

Meaning what, exactly?

Rhimes teases that time will have "no meaning," stories will "overlap one another" and everyone will have a "point of view" on Season 6. Sounds vague, confusing and intriguing, no?

"Any episodes we've ever wanted to do we're doing," says Rhimes. "Any idea we ever had we're playing. Every single episode will be a special episode and none will seem like your typical episode of Private Practice. No two will even seem alike. It's really freeing and the actors are really energized."

The series returns on Tuesday, September 25. Do you think Private Practice should go on without Kate Walsh?

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All the chatacters are strong! Don't take them out of our lives. Addie will be missed but don't make us miss them all. Keep it coming! On with the show!!


Kate Walsh is the star! Addison is the show, always will be! The show would have never began without her! I don't care about Private Practice without Kate.


I think Charlotte is the star of the show. I don't think Addison will be missed. I hope Sam either goes with her or quits whining!


Used to love Addison, and as sad it will be to see her leave, there is a lot of potential on this show....Charlotte is the key member on this cast. Love this actress. If she were to go, I think that's it. Too bad Addison can't show up every once in a is her show...but the show CAN GO ON!!


I have a love hate relationship. Yes she acts out on what most people dont... Everyone has a Addison in their group of friends. Shes a very complex human being but shes awesome the whole show is around her and as much some times her character aggravates me is hard not to love her!!!!! So no Kate not watching lol yes ive seen some episodes without her and her drama and complez life is what makes the show!


The show has had a good run just give the show a final season and wrap up storylines.
Nah, wouldn't watch the show without Kate.


@ Jarrod And i found these episodes without whinny Addison to be totally ok! I didn't miss her whinny ass, i barely noticed she wasn't there!


Addison showed last season she is one dimensional, shallow character. What people see in her? She overacts and behave like a horny teenager. Am i supposed to like a middle-aged woman who is not able to act like an adult? Really? REALLY?


If you look back at season 4 where Kate was absent for two episodes, you can get an idea of what the show was like without her. In my opinion, I found it boring, but I'm still willing to try.


I don't see any point in continuing the show. I won't watch it. I mean the other are good, but just no way would I watch without Kate Walsh. I don't think this is even a question because the ratings are not good. I don't think the show will get renewed because of bad ratings.

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Amelia: I drank at your wedding. I thought it was ginger ale. I spit it out.
Charlotte: OK, since then?
Amelia: Nothing, but I can't stop thinking about it.
Charlotte: It was an accident. Don't let a slip turn into a fall. Get your butt to a meeting.

Having a conscience is brutal.


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