Rookie Blue Round Table: "Messy Houses"

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Andy's long lost mother wandered back into her life in "Messy Houses." 

Does Claire McNally deserve a second chance with the daughter she walked out on when she was 12? Will Andy let Mom back in her life?  Are Jerry and Traci headed for trouble?

TV Fanatic writer Christine Orlando is joined for this edition of the Rookie Blue Round Table by fans Nathalie, Alison and Chelsea (from the Rookie Blue forum Two Worlds Collide) as they ponder these questions and more while looking ahead to next Thursday's "Coming Home."

Read on and then share your answers below...


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Nathalie: It's hard to pick one, this episode was so intense and emotional. I'll say all the scenes between Andy and her mother, Andy's lines were fantastic!

Alison: I liked most of the emotional scenes, but the end scene with Andy and Sam sitting on his tailgate was darling! I felt like it opened up more about their deep feelings for one another. It helps that Ben and Missy have excellent non-verbal chemistry.

Chelsea: I loved how intense and emotional this episode was!  All the scenes with Andy and Claire were excellent, but the last scene with Sam and Andy stands out to me. Sam was so sweet and supportive and it was great to see Andy show her vulnerable side.

Christine: My favorite was Andy dragging Sam along to say Happy Birthday to her Dad in the middle of the night. Sam looked so sleep rumpled and adorable and they even had party hats! Just too cute.

Rookie Blue Round Table 1-27-15

Should Andy give her mother a second chance?
Nathalie: Maybe. I feel like Claire and Tommy are both hiding a lot from their daughter so perhaps Claire deserves to tell Andy her version of what happened more than a decade ago.

Alison: I think Andy needs to learn how to trust her mother again in order to let her in.

Chelsea: I think she should, even if only to get closure. But it seems like she's being cautious, which is also good. I have a feeling she'll be too trusting too soon and that may cause issues with Sam, since he won't want to see her to get hurt.

Christine: I don't trust her mom but Andy should get to know her or else she'll always question all of the things she didn't know. The problem is, she may not like the answers she finds.

Do you think Chris' was hard on Gail?
Nathalie: He was, but that just shows how much he's hurt, deep down. He's acting all like he doesn't care, like she's just one of the options but it's because she hurt his feelings really hard I think.

Alison: I don't feel like he was, considering Gail gravitates towards Nick at the end of most shifts and she did let Dov in last season.  Chris is young and learning what he wants in a relationship.

Chelsea: No. He was bombarded by a bunch of things at once: not only Gail's past with Nick (that she never told him about while they were dating), but also the fact that she's revisiting that relationship. Chris was being a bit defensive but I think he had every right to be. And hopefully now he'll be able to move on.

Christine: He was harsh but I understood why. He thought he had a chance to get back together with her and then got completely blindsided. 

Are Jerry and Traci a disaster in the making or made for each other?
Nathalie: I can't make up my mind about these two. They're so different. While they both cheated, Traci trusts him to no end (at least on the job) but he doesn't. Last week's episode clearly showed that.

Alison: They both have cheated in relationships and found happiness with each other, but the 'never say never' thing scares me, not that he'll cheat on her, but I sense some foreboding.

Chelsea: These two have confused me since the series premiere. They've had a lot of ups and downs but they do seem to be in a good spot after this episode. The “elephant” analogy was really cute and I was happy to see them on the same page for the first time this season.

Christine: Yeah, they confuse me too. Jerry worries me. First, he let her think she was the only cheater, then he said he wouldn't cheat on her because he's happy now. What happens when they hit a rough patch and he's not happy?

Does it feel as we see less of Sam and Andy now that they are a couple?
Nathalie: It does and a lot of fans are frustrated. We see them on and off the job, which is nice, but there is a lack of intimacy, of physical contact. In this episode. Andy had the worst day and Sam doesn't even hug her, just pats her shoulder; it's clearly not enough.

Alison: I do feel that we're missing out on the more passionate portion of their relationship, while we see intimacy and commitment at higher levels.  And we see them working together in most episodes.

Chelsea: I wouldn't say we see less of them just a different version, since they're together outside of work more. We're definitely seeing less of the passion (and sexual frustration) from previous seasons, which is understandable. Though it's great to see the emotional side of their relationship, now that they're a couple I'd like to see more affection.

Christine: We're seeing more casual, intimate moments which is nice but it feels like their physicality has been diminished. It would be great to have both now that they're a couple.

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The lady that was pregnant last series, she took time off. Is she just off the show now? I liked her. There is no mention of her at all. Any one know?


I love Rookie Blue ,I am SO Glad it is back!!!!!!!!!!! The cast and staff are great !!!!!!!!!!


i need more passion scenes from.sam n andy seems like there still walking on eggshells in this relationship. they both have strong feelings but there also somewhat paranoid it wont work out so there still protecting each other. There connection is deep n it seems they got the unresolved sexual tension resolved but seems like andy shouldn't be able to keep her hands off him. there almost too casual. i wanna scene fun scenes where they play poker or pool or wrestle n pillow fight. thats the relationship i envisioned them far as claire. i dont really trust her but every child needs a mother. Chris was right on with Gail. hate to say it but nick to me is an unnecessary character. he doesn't bring any real disruption or change to the dynamics as a romantic interest or cop. they shouldve made him a jerk or player something to make us love or hate his character. right now he sorta just there.


I agree with alison the end scene with Sam and Andy was adorable, but we do need to see more intamacy, their relationship is still young and needs to be shown as such, they are obviously deeply in love, it should be more visible. I hope they don't split them up, because that would be so wrong, when a relationship has bee built over so long and on friendship first it's meant to last. That is real life, and also the chemistry is awesome, you can't fake that..


Do you think Chris was to hard on Gail?
Yes he was, first she screwed up by not immediately telling him what happened with Dov, second Chris was way to hard on Gail and WAY to easy on Dov, and third he waited to long. Personnally it almost made me want to stop watching the show. To me they ruined the best relationship on the show, I know people have said that Nick is willing to say he cares about Gail and doesnt' care who knows, but it seems people forget what Chris did for Gail last year. First standing up to her mother during the community party at the police station and then going to her even though she might have been sick. I just don't understand and in know way see her with Dov or Nick.


Sad I missed this one; I have strong opinions!
Fav scene: definitely the party hats in the middle of the night
2nd Chance: Some things can't be forgiven, but I think Andy should have enough contact to get answers to things that have haunted her. Go for closure, but not more.
Chris never reacts the right way to Gail. He was too forgiving of her bitchiness after Bibby, but way to hard on her about Dov, who was clearly the more at fault party, but was forgiven. I don't know what planet he lives on thinking Gail would give it a go again after he cut it off completely and let so much time pass. Seriously?
Jerry and Traci used to be my 2nd fav couple, but they confuse me completely this season. I don't know week to week what I think of them anymore.
It always feels like there's not enough Sam and Andy, but actually wondering just how much of a hit from the McSwarek crack pipe I'll get each week is half the fun. But we're definitely due for a good one...I'm jonesing for it big time!!


The round table was great to take part in this week! I liked reading the various opinions on some of the questions too. It's always interesting when we watch the same show, but have different views. I really enjoy reading the round table every week on each episode of Rookie Blue.


Thanks for this nice round table Christine! I really like the questions you ask every week, they're right on point and we have different opinions. We all like the show but sometimes we see it in a different light than others do and that's what makes things such as round tables a fun read!


Great job ladies!!

Sarah silva

Are jerry and traci a disaster or made for each other
I say made for each other. I like them as a couple and hope the last. Does it feel we see less.of Sam and Andy now that they are a couple
We see them alot still and yes the sexual chemistry and affection has been sidelined but i think it is because the powers that be want to show us the relationship is real and will last and is not just sex.

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