Saving Hope Review: Out of Sight, Out of Mind

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Saving Hope might have just aired my favorite episode to date. I found myself thoroughly engaged and asking questions for the entire hour. For instance: Would the surgery take? Can Charlie beat this? And what happens when you put an egg in the microwave?

I feel a little like a broken record, but this show gets better every week.

Alex Tries to Prove Herself

"Out of Sight" provided insight into what this series could become if Charlie doesn't wake up. Each patient Charlie encounters in the in-between teaches him something about the life happening before his eyes, and in some way, Charlie helps each of these patients.

Scott, the guy who's been in a coma for 27 years, has quite the cavalier attitude regarding the plight he shares with Charlie. But an attitude that nonchalant is a sign that Scott really cares. He masks his anger over being abandoned by his wife with a lack of concern for his situation, and Charlie seeing that - witnessing how much Scott actually does care - is vital to his continued fight to get back to Alex.

He needs to know that this is not a battle others can fight for him. If he's going to wake up, he has to help it happen from his side.

I enjoy these scenes with Charlie and the other in-betweeners because they add an element missing in regular network television right now. Saving Hope could become a show about a man who can see the goings-on of those he loves but who is slowly left behind. That is, unless Alex makes good on her promise never to forget Charlie. (To read what she said to him, check out the Saving Hope quotes page!)

Alex was emotional tonight, and that's a good thing. She needs to have these moments where she breaks down and we get to see it. I've wondered when she'd go back to their apartment and expected to see her have trouble with that. The way that she reacted upon going back to their apartment was exactly how I'd imagined she'd react when I'd been playing that scene through my imagination. She saw little reminders of their life together everywhere and in everything. It was incredibly well-staged and played. She was vulnerable.

Bringing the team back to her apartment after their successful surgery was also perfect. In that moment, she was living, without Charlie, and it broke her. Joel, as the person who, aside from Charlie, knows her better than anyone else at Hope-Zion, was there to help her put the pieces back together. We need to see her struggle with living her life because it's inevitable that as the show continues, she'll have to figure out who she is while Charlie's in a coma indefinitely.

And speaking of Joel, how beautiful a job does Daniel Gillies do week after week? I loved seeing both sides of him tonight as well. He was callous in regards to his decision to keep Maggie out of the operating room during the hand reattachment surgery, but he was soft and caring with Alex. It's clear that he still has feelings for her and that any feelings he has for Maggie are mostly physical.

Poor Maggie.

Melanda shuts her down when she mentions the patient's condition was worse than they first thought, so she channels her inner Bill Nye and explodes an egg in the microwave. If she is, as one commenter here mentioned after the second episode, supposed to be bipolar, she's beginning to show signs of her instability. The question is, will Gavin pick up on it, seeing as he's the psychiatry resident? Or will he miss the signs because he's too interested in her to notice them?

"Out of Sight" advanced the development of all of the major players on Saving Hope and tackled a couple of difficult medical cases as well, masterfully bringing together the personal and the professional aspects of the show. Week after week, this show comes together a little more cohesively and makes itself a show I don't want to miss.

What did you think of "Out of Sight?"

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I had hope for Saving Hope. Started out with a really interesting premise. I set the recorder to record all episodes. I thought there would be some really interesting twists and turns with Charlie wandering the halls of the hospital, especially after his interaction with that child who drew a picture of him, but nothing! I am truly disappointed. It is just a run of the mill medical/hospital drama...but with Charlie wandering the halls of the hospital.


I don't like the way Maggie treats Joel; i feel it's obvious he has emotional feelings for her but she's not there yet, and the way she tried to squeeze in on the surgery made me cringe.


The show is growing on me.


If the good doctor does not wake up this week I will no longer be a fan,boring,boring,boring.


Just for the record Katrina American Idol, Dancing with the Stars and So You Think You Can Dance are NOT on NBC!


Just for the record American Idol, Dancing with the Stars or So You Think You Can Dance are on NBC!


I love this show! its got the right balance of everything and i absolutely ADORE Daniel Gillies! The downside is that it is airing on NBC, which we all know cancels good shows and keeps the dumb, pointless shows like american idol and all those dancing shows! this is an amazing drama show and it has fantastic actors! Keep this on the air and keep this show coming!


Its a wonderful show and it will do much better if not aired during summer.
And of course not at NBC... I hv not expect to follow any show so closely during the summer hiatus but viola ! This show gave me something to look forward too.




I enjoy this series so much especially because I know that spirit can connect with us. My husband is constantly around me,in spirit, and a show like this gives me hope (not to make a pun) that more people will start to realize the basic truth beyond this. I don't know where the show is going. Will be interesting to see - but I sincerely hope (there I go again) that if Charlie passes - that they keep the spirit alive, and continue on with him as part of the show.

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Saving Hope Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Nurse: Breaking heart, huh, Dr. Goran?
Joel: It wasn't personal. It's the way it's gotta be.

Joel: It kinda feels like you're using me here.
Maggie: Yeah. I am. For your body.