[to Charlie] But it won't. I won't let it. I will never forget about you, Charlie and I will never let you go.


[to Charlie] I had a party at our place. And I felt..I felt like what it would feel like for life to go on. My life. And what terrified me was that it could.


Melanda: Congratulations, Maggie. You saved a life tonight all on your own, and that's amazing.
Maggie: But?
Melanda: Graveyards are full of our mistakes. All of us make them.

Joel: Alex, what is it? Did someone say something?
Alex: I forgot about him, Joel.
Joel: About Charlie?
Alex: For a mimute, when I was laughing just now. I felt free.

Scott: Hey Charlie, before I go, if you really want to get back to her you gotta try harder, or you're gonna lose her. So wake up.
Charlie: I don't know how to, Scott.

Nurse: Breaking heart, huh, Dr. Goran?
Joel: It wasn't personal. It's the way it's gotta be.

Joel: It kinda feels like you're using me here.
Maggie: Yeah. I am. For your body.

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