Suits Round Table: "Break Point"

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Farewell, Donna Paulsen?

Last Thursday's Suits episode dropped a bombshell on viewers, as everyone's favorite legal secretary was given the boot from Pearson/Hardman. For good?

We doubt it. But TV Fanatic Round Table panelists Chandel Charles, Carla Day, Carissa Pavlica and Nick McHatton are here to break down all aspects on "Break Point." Gather around and join in!


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Chandel: Probably the part where Rachel took Louis the signed tennis ball to make him feel better. I know it's good for Louis to be recognized, even if he likely wouldn't prefer that recognition be in a time of need like theĀ  loss of his beloved cat. Either way, we don't really see that much interaction between Rachel and Louis, so that was also nice to see.

Carla: As heartbreaking as it was the best scene and one that will stick with me for awhile was when Donna walked out with her box and Harvey pushed the elevator button for her. No words were needed to express the intense moment. And it was compounded by Mike and Rachel overlooking the scene and her asking Mike why Harvey didn't save her.

Carissa: Rachel giving Louis the signed tennis ball. I love that she got how upset he was about his pet and didn't use it as an opportunity to make fun of him. Even though he was at a loss for words, she knew it made all the difference.

Nick: Harvey and Donna in the bathroom. Harvey had no desire to fire her and had every opportunity to do so because of what she did. He has so much respect for her and was willing to put himself on the line for her.

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Should Donna have gone to Harvey sooner? Do you think it would have made a difference?
Chandel: I think she should have just told him. Clearly it would have made all the difference. I totally understand where she was coming from - if it's lost, it should stay lost - but it seemed that in this case it would have probably made it look like a simple clerical error, not an egregious act of unethical conduct. Shredding it only compounded the problem.

Carla: Definitely. Her downfall was not the timing of Harvey finding out but that she shredded the document. If she would have taken him the document, that would have made a difference.

Carissa: Having been in the same situation Donna was in, I just don't know. Sometimes it makes a difference, and sometimes it doesn't. It's the luck of the draw. Depending upon what Harvey was feeling at the exact moment she told him, he could have felt the same. Or, it could have completely changed the outcome.

Nick: That's what everyone certainly seemed to think throughout the entire episode, and I'm inclined to agree with them. Donna could have at least given Harvey the note instead of destroying it.

Do you think Harvey and Donna's relationship can be reconciled?
Chandel: I think it can be, and it definitely should be. It will only happen, though, once they collectively realize they are both at fault in this situation in some way. I'm just curious to see how that reconciliation plays out.

Carla: Yes. It will probably never be as solid as it was, but they will get over this.

Carissa: Absolutely. They just need to step back and realize what happened. Give it time to breathe and understand the situation from both sides. More importantly, Jessica needs to see what a loss Donna is to the firm overall before any of them can make a difference.

Nick: Yeah, I'm with Carissa on this one. Everyone just needs to sit back and have some space and I believe we'll see Mike and/or Harvey knocking on Donna's door soon enough

Are we any closer to Hardman taking control of the firm?
Chandel: If Harvey really does get stripped of his senior partnership, I feel like it's a win for Hardman in that it's upset the power balance that Jessica and Harvey established. Divide and conquer is a simply but powerful strategy.

Carla: No. Jessica is entirely in control.

Carissa: Nope. But I like how Jessica is handling the situation. Even though Hardman can see through her intentions, it doesn't lessen the affect they have on him and that's wonderful.

Nick: No, because Jessica outplayed whatever he was going to do.

Feline Transportation Unit or Cat Carrier: Which is it?
Chandel: Feline Transportation Unit sounds so much cooler.

Carla: Both.

Carissa: Whatever someone would like it to be. Who am I to judge?

Nick: What situation are you in?


Also Donna said she STAMPED it, not SIGNED it.


1. My favorite scene was Harvey/Donna elevator. As much as I love the bathroom scene, Harvey waiting for Donna at the elevator without a word is just an intense and moving minute of television. 2. Donna should tell Harvey, both at professional level and personal level. 3. Never has a doubt: SHE WILL BE BACK. 4. As for Hardman, I'm not sure. This guy is a snake... 5. I think Harvey is jealous of Louis having a Feline Transportation Unit since it sounds so TREKKIE, LOL.


1) There were many fantastic scenes in this episode but the best by far, to me, was the bathroom scene. both actors did an astounding job. i kept switching from being on Donna's side telling Harvey to cool it, then Harvey's side and wanting to smack Donna. Awesome work on that one. 2) I thought from the start she should have gone to Harvey immediately, but then again we know he'd NEVER fire her. I'm not entirely convinced, however, that SHE knows that. 3) Yes, of course it can be fixed. While i don't think they are 'in love,' but have a more brother/sister relationship, they both clearly love each other. This is a brutal storm, for sure, but their mutual respect and affection will pull them through. Well that, and Mike nagging Harvey to death (come on now we all see that coming lol). 4) Feline Transportation Unit. AWESOME!


1. My favorite scene was actually Jessica saying that the brunette girl had to go and that she was going to take on the case.
When is the last time we saw Ms. Jessica Pearson take on a case? That woman is the real deal and we finally get to see here in action. 2. Donna should have shredded that memo. A lost memo should stay lost. If she had not been so tentative and indecisive about doing it Mike would have never caught on. If that was me I would have just folded up the memo, Stuck it in my bag. Took it home. Shredded it into little tiny pieces and flushed it down the toilet to never be seen again. That Donna is how you destroy a memo. 3.Donna will be back. She might even be waiting inside Harvey's apartment with the spare key he gave her..(don't ask). 4. Jessica is in total control. However I think if anything gets shooken up it will be because Mike Ross got tricked by Hardman into revealing a secret whether it be that he has no law license, or Harvey's D.A dealings, or Jessica's secrets.


There is no way Hardman planted that memo because Donna signed it saying that she had received it.


1. Donna/Harvey bathroom
2. She should not have shredded it and went to Harvey right away
3. Yes
4. No


Going to go out on a limb here and offer up a far fetched but entertaining theory.
Tanner is in league with Hardman, Harvey knows about it, and firing Donna is part of the plan to try and resolve the situation.
Still not sure if Hardman planted the memo, or if he removed it for the original lawsuit and replaced it now.
We never saw Donna shred the memo, so its destruction is not confirmed yet.

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Do you think Harvey and Donna's relationship can be reconciled?
I think once the case is done they will hire Donna back, Harvey will make sure of it. Feline Transportation Unit or Cat Carrier: Which is it?
Cat Carrier! Speaking of which that whole scene was super funny!

Sarah silva

What was your favorite scene from the episode?
For me there was 3. Harvey and Donna in the bathroom,Rachel giving Louis the tennis ball. But the one that really broke my heart and will be the one I choose was the end when Donna was leaving and Harvey was there at the elevators! Should Donna have gone to Harvey sooner? Do you think it would have made a difference?
Donna should have given it to Harvey, from the start of the series we have been lead to believe ( I think at one point it was mentioned)that Donna has been with Harvey for years and has been fantastic and Harvey is loyal so he would have done what he could to keep her around if she would have come forward. Harvey did not want to fire her but it was no longer his choice.

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