Teen Wolf Review: Know Thy Frenemy

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After the big reveal of the Kanima's identity last week, Teen Wolf was able to send things into overdrive with "Frenemy," taking the audience on an action-packed adventure that ended with yet another reveal - and a whole mess of new questions.

That's how this series rolls, and it's all the better for it. There's no slowing down, whether it's the 41 minutes of air time that seems to fly by while you're watching, or the plot of each season that seems to go down avenue after avenue before allowing the fans to realize what end of arc will actually look like.

Transformed Derek

Finding out the identity of the kanima was not good enough. Scott, Stiles and the gang had to figure out some way of keeping Jackson contained, and after that didn't work the boys had to face the consequences of containing a lizard-kid in the back of a van.

As quickly as all of that took place, it was just as exciting as it was fast. The fight under the bridge*, the trip through the club (not exactly Stiles' kind of club), capturing Jax and driving him out to the woods in handcuffs... it all kept us on the edge of our respective seats.

(*I don't know why it took until now, but when Derek took out that pillar with a big paw, I realized that we are one ape-like creature away from the television version of the video game, Rampage.)

But it all ended in yet another twist, while raising yet another important question. As the kanima, Jackson is seeking a master. Does he have that master? And who would it be?  

Moving forward, the question might have to be, what would Jackson and/or a kanima look for in a master? Someone who has a similar personality? Someone very different? What kind of human being would take on such a project? Or is there another creature out there looking for a pupil?

Although the boys' story concluded with Jackson turning Scott and Stiles in for kidnapping him, I have to admit it got a little dusty in Casa Forcella when Jax shed a single tear in the back of the van. As the righteous dude that he is, Scott was of course coming to Jackson's defense.

Why would everyone want to just throw Jax away because he's the kanima? Scott was acting out of control when he first became a werewolf, so he has sympathy for the lizard, and he's a good man for it. Whether or not that sympathy ends up biting him in the end, we will just have to wait and see.

Meanwhile, the Argent family had an interesting episode for themselves. Allison got a little cough...sweet car action...cough (I don't know why I coughed, you can read exactly what I wrote), Chris got a number of good shots on the kanima, Gerard was as creepy as ever with his Meet the Parentsian lie detector test and Momma Argent got in on all of the action as she took her place as substitute teacher. The Argents are taking over that school, and there's nothing anyone can do about it!

Speaking of the car sex... I'm all for a nice roll in the back seat, but those two crazy kids should have been paying better attention to the task at hand. You can't let hormones get the better of you. When you do, you end up with an Esquire for a father ready to lay the hammer down. Scott may be regretting that decision. Then again, it may have been worth it.

Of course there were also plenty of hilarious quips from the hour, many by our favorite sidekick, Stiles. Check out a number of them in our Teen Wolf quotes section, and then come back to sound off in the comments.

What did you think of the episode? Was it your favorite of the season? What's the deal with Jackson and this master? Are Scott and Stiles actually going to get in trouble? Can you not wait until next Monday?!?!


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"Graceling," "The Hunger Games," or "The Knife of Never Letting Go" are all YA favourites of mine from this past witner (and are listed in ascending order of dark-and-dreariness). I'm currently in the middle of "Marcelo in the Real World" and am loving it so far.Good luck! :)


BTW, I can't tell if Gramps Argent is the master or if he's just testing out some theories with the kanima, but I do think dude is physically ill with all the pill popping going on, as in terminal. I think the favor he'll demand of Scott will be to make it look like he killed him when he dies. Why? To finally turn Allison against Scott and to the "dark side", of course! And something is def up with the creepy dude hitting on Lydia. Does anyone else think he looks like a young version of Peter? Just sayin!


Scott suggested that maybe Jackson was protecting them at the pool and then Allison said, "know they enemy". With all that foreshadowing, I'm thinking there's another shapeshifter/kanima that's doing all the killing while Jax has been unknowingly trying to protect his friends. If that were true, the other kanima/shapeshifter would have to be someone who knew Stiles and Allison enough not to kill them, but who? When I saw the tear run down Jackson's face while Scott was arguing to save him, it made me think he might eventually become less of a jerk and join forces with Scott, Stiles and Allison. Looks like he'll start being able to control his transitions soon, so we'll see. . .


I really hope Scott and Alison stay together but who ever commented something was going to happen to them was probably right. There's too many unanswered questions right now. The master, the guy with Lydia, the guy with Alison, why was Jackson going after the gay kid specifically?! So on... This show is so good this season so far! Wish it wasn't just a summer show!


You forgot to mention Lydia. There's something weird going on with that storyline...and the creepy guy who was hitting on her.


You forgot to mention Lydia. There's something weird going on with that storyline...and the creepy guy who was hitting on her.


You forgot to mention Lydia. There's something weird going on with that storyline...and the creepy guy who was hitting on her.


I think that that chemistry teacher is the master. When I watched last week's episode, I saw a bumper sticker and right now I'm trying to see if I see that sticker again. Now Jackson has now become my third favorite person behind Stiles and Derek, of course. What Derek said last week about a person turning into what they resemble makes a lot of sense now. Jackson was very cold blooded but when I saw him shed the tear, I wanted to hug the life out of him. Ohkay, I have to say this, but is anyone wondering who that guy is that wants to kiss Lydia. He is mighty fine!


If the Argent grandfather is the master, I hope that Jackson rips him to shreds by the end of the season.


i jus think allusions grandfather would be too obvious to be it considering how secretive this show is so the masters gonna be someone that they gave you little clues about

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