Teen Wolf Review: Punch, Drunk, Love

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I hate to be repetitive, but it is too difficult not to praise Jeff Davis and company week after week for their ability to find this perfect pace for a summer action series. Sometimes you expect to see a dull episode every once and a while, but during Teen Wolf Season 2 it has yet to come.

"Party Guessed" was filled with crazy hallucinations, uncontrollable new wolves, a stalker at his finest, plenty of goofs from Stiles, a husband and wife going through the most terrible of situations and two giant reveals. In other words, stuff went down!

Returned from the Dead

The dream sequences, which were all beautifully created by director Tim Andrew, began early with Lydia's vision of a shower that turned into a lax game, which led to Peter chasing her down. When she woke up, the former Alpha remained by her side, but this time in what we assume was just his semi-dead spirit form.

Thanks to Lydia, her immunity and that purple dust that allowed her to drag Derek back to the abandoned house, it might have been the last we see of Peter's spirit form. The alpha is back!  There was no explanation for why digging a dead claw into the current alpha brings the former one back to life, but that's what happened!

It raises a couple of questions about the future: Does this change the wolf pack standings? Derek just finished explaining that it is all fluid. Alphas can turn to betas or even omegas. Is this why? Will Peter return, steal Derek's pack, and force him to go lone wolf?

The way they told the story was captivating enough to forgive most other faults, but I still can't get over the fact that they're just bringing back to life the big bad from Season 1. It took so much effort and development to murder him in the finale last year.

In any show, when you bring a character back to life, you are reducing the stakes. When you know people have the chance to just come back to life (I understand that not every character may have the knowledge and strength of Peter to do so on this series), then you won't care as much when they die. Or in this case, you may not be as proud of the protagonists that helped kill such a character.

Hopefully now that Peter is back, Lydia can get out of his grasp and go back to not being "the town whack job." How great was Stiles once again tonight? Between that whack job bit, preferring to think of himself as "not on [Lydia's] radar," and not being able to fit his gift through the doorway, the man was in rare form.

As funny as he is, sometimes it's easy to overlook how big Stiles's heart is. Well, that wasn't the case tonight. He wore it on his sleeve after going through that terrible vision of seeing his drunken father telling him that it was his fault his mother died. I don't care if it wasn't real or not, that is a tough pill to swallow. We all felt awful for Stiles in that moment. Right?

Scott's hallucination seemed to be the least interesting, as it was simply Allison hooking up with Jax/Kanima. We get it. You heart her. Jackson's, on the other hand, showed his desire to know his real parents, and Allison's just messed me all up. Another version of herself murders her with an arrow to the gut? Explain that one, Dr. Freud.

All of the dream-like states were interesting to watch, thanks to that fantastic punch everyone was guzzling down. I really have to get the recipe from Lydia. Nothing may have been more exciting, though, than when we finally found out whom the master was!

That dirty rotten stalker! Who guessed Matt? Not on your second or third guess. Who picked him as your first choice as the kanima's master? I bet it was a very select few who tabbed him as the one. Now we just have to figure out what his connection to it all is, and what on earth he's planning on doing next.  Then our crew can enact a plan to stop him.

Thankfully, now that Scott and the gang will have both the kanima/master AND a resurrected Peter on their hands, the Argents may be out of commission for a while. At least Chris should be. The heartless Gerard might solider on with an attempt to take out Scott, but I can't imagine Chris will get involved too soon after helping his wife commit suicide.

THAT certainly added to the emotion that "Party Guessed" evoked from the audience. It was emotional, action packed, and at times it was hilarious. It was another solid effort by the Teen Wolf crew, and I for one, can't wait to see how this season will come to an end over the next three episodes.

What did you all think? Was it the best hour yet? What do you think of Matt being the master? Or Peter coming back to life? Or those crazy hallucinations? What are you looking forward to most next week? And how is this crazy season going to end?


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I know that this episode wants us to believe that Matt is the kanima master, but that alone doesn't explain the car/bumpersticker thing, and mr. harris. there must be more to it. and how is matt murdered? (in the rave episode jackson/kanima said that he was murdered and he said "we") i'm wondering if its possible that Scott was having another one of those hallucinations, after all, both the kanima and matt disappeared into thin air while scott was looking at them. could scott have jumped to conclusions and hallucinated it? or, as another person mentioned, maybe matt is somehow connected to Gerard or the Chem Teacher. there's definitely more too it.


@kiki09 - I know, right? I don't see them settling for crap episodes just b/c they'll have more, not these guys. If I had to guess, they prob get as big a thrill outta thrilling us as we do from being thrilled - lol! I can get ahead of the storyline for most cop shows, but this series kicks me to the curb every time. Love it! Next week might as well be a freaking month away...grrr!


Teen Wolf just can't stop being so good. It's what I look forward to in the beginning of the week. My only fear is that with the extended season 3, we might get the dull episodes the reviewer wrote about.
I can't have my show dipping in form, its just too good!!!


Now this is why I don't post wild theories on the internet :P If it's Camden in disguise, it doesn't explain why he can't swim. Perhaps Camden was part of the group and was killed because they all threw Matt in a pool and he drowned? The coach saw it and did nothing?


I'm wondering if Camden didn't die after all and Jackson was talking figuratively when he said that they all killed him (the master). Maybe something happened during his tour of duty that forced him to go into hiding and the army classed him as died in combat? An unrecognisable body and his dog tags?? He feels slighted by the other members of the swim team and his father because something happened that forced him to quit or get kicked off the swim team and enlist in the armed forces. Now he's back as Matt to exact his revenge. Not sure how he managed to get Jackson to become the kanima yet though.


i kinda think that matt has to to be somehow involved with the argents well just the grampa because they came in the series the same time and earlier the kanima didn't attack gerrard and now gerrard is trying to get allison to get with matt and leur him away from scott. I mean it just would surprise me if i was right or completely wrong with teen wolf which is why its the probably the best show right now and sucks for the people that have direct tv because they can't watch it and cause teen wolf to lose 23 percent of viewers last week


Holy crappola! That ep was STELLAH - BEYOND awesome! Love the actors and I can't say enough good things about the writers of this show. No other series has the ability to keep me perplexed and facinated from one ep to the next. I don't think Matt is the only being behind the Kanima - Jackson/Kanima said the master was killed and Matt isn't dead. Maybe Camden isn't completely out of the running yet - we'll see.
Peter's sideways grin at the end was the cat's ass! Since he took the Alpha role back from Derek, does that mean that Scott is automatically a part of his pack or do they start fresh?
I don't think we've seen the end of Mrs. Argent. She was transforming when she got knifed. If Peter can come back after being dead for months, I'm sure she can heal from a good stabbing. Waaaait for it!


AND another thing: in the beginning when Lydia was dreaming/hallucinating about Peter chasing her on the lacrosse field, there was the huge crowd. They made a point to show a girl crying in the stands. Was that supposed to be Laura Hale? Is she somehow connected to the whole thing? It all started with her and what she was "close to finding out." Does anyone else have guesses?


@Lo thoughts exactly..
my 2nd guess was Matt, though i had no idea how he'll connect to the kanima considering he's a student and couldn't have been involved in the murder since he's younger/same age as the others. Maybe he's someones puppet too.


Not to question your rating system, but as a reviewer how could you give this episode a 4.0? This episode was one of the BEST episodes Teen Wolf has ever done. It was both emotionally and psychologically deep and the writers did a fantastic job as did the cast. I'm sorry, but I just think you under graded this episode given how fantastic it was.

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