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I heard there was a party. Don't worry, I invited myself.


Matt: Photographers call them candids.
Allison: Well police officers call it stalking.

Go up there and help your wife die with dignity.


Scott: Why should I apologize?
Stiles: Because you're the guy. It's like what we do.

Scott: She's completely ignored Stiles the past 10 years.
Stiles: I prefer to think of it as me not having been on her radar.

Scott: Maybe it's just early.
Stiles: Or maybe nobody's coming because Lydia's turned into the town whack job.

You do not want me there.


Full moon is coming, and with the way things are going, I have a feeling it's gonna be a rough one.


Your wife is already dead. That thing over there is just a cocoon waiting to hatch.

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