The Vampire Diaries Spoiler Roundup: What Will Elena Remember?

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Let's play a little Vampire Diaries Spoiler Roundup, shall we? The following tidbits regarding our favorite CW thriller have been spilled across the Internet dial this week:

  • The Vampire Diaries Season 4, Episode 2 will be titled "Memorial." Make of that what you will. I say it means Elena will officially say goodbye to her human self.
  • Elena will recall a very important event on the October 11 premiere, but not in typical fashion: she'll think back to Damon saying he loves her on Season 2, but won't "realize right away that she's watching a memory." She'll believe she's actually experiencing the moment right here and now. (Source: TV Guide).
  • Bonnie will go down a dark path, according to Kat Graham (via E! News): "Bonnie is going to start to dabble in some crazy things. We get to see her going into another side maybe fans have yet to see her in. It's cool."
Having a Ball Together

Take all those scoops in and then ask yourself the same question that Julie Plec Tweeted this week: Is it October yet?!?

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My thoughts are that Damien knows it's Katherine. The look back and the touch on the lips makes me think that he knows it's not Elena. But I DO think he wants it to be Elena.I was also anynoed by Bonnie. I am not sure how much I believe her angst and hard persona now. But I'll get over that.I also don't think Jeremy will turn. Now that Anna is no longer alive, I think it will be pointless for him to be a vamp and I think he would make a horrible one. I think they will find him (or pills rarely work for suicide) and he'll be human once more to help his sis through this new Katherine crisis. I did love that Katherine is back and will be very interested in seeing where that goes!!!!


plz plz plz just let damon end up with elena, stefan with katherine. btw how dyu describe sex with stefan as hot?? haahha...honestly??...plz let it be with damon, my heart breaks for him. elena clearly loves him and the makeout session in ssn3 was hooooot.

David and sabrina 2014

I know for sure that Elena becoming a vampire could give her some time to remember things but I can't wait for season 4. =)


Ok ... Although I am a huge stelena shipper ... Im scared that Elena might actually go with Damon because when she picked Stefan in the car and was on the phone withDamon explaining to him why ... She said it was because she met Stefan first . But now that she a vampire and is going to remember how he compelled her before Stefan so GRACIOUSLY saved her life. And she might pick him.. BTW I agree with Kira


omg total red herrings huh? Elena is going to have hot sex with Caroline riiiight? Damon and Stefan are going to fight about, well, everything they fight about. Alaric will return as a guest star ghost. Jeremy is back. So cute. So WET! April is going to play a wicked game with Jeremy and Bonnie gonna get mad and be tempted to hex that month. Connor is like frmo the future and he came back through the time warp to find the terminator-vampire. Oh wait. Cant Waitttttt!


I just feel like the fact that elena remembering all of this might not change anything, but is only a a way for us viewers to be like "OMG". If anything I think she'll choose to go solo. Though hot vampire sex makes me wonder.. it's between Stefan, Damon, Klaus, Matt or Elijah. Defiantly not Matt, not right at the first episode, if they were going with that they'd need a sort of build up, because frankly it's stupid... Klaus, what? i'm not convinced. Which means it's Stefan, Damon and Elijah. Elijah i wouldn't get but it's possible. Stefan? personally I wouldn't describe this as hot hot hot. It's not hard hitting. WHILE DAMON! AH just get it out of your system he is gorgeous!!! I think she'll have this hot vampire sex with Damon. But then realize it's time for going solo which would be the reason ep2 is called memorial.


i C-A-N-N-O-T wait!!!! oh come onnnnn !!!!!!


im looking forward to seeing katherins reaction when she finds out that elena is a vampire because in S2 E20 when damon told her that was a possiblity she looked pissed at the fact that she might have to fight for stephans love for centurys to come now because it seemed like she was willing to wait but now that she will always have to compete with elena she wont be happy and that is going to be interesting to watch I HATE THE SUMMER BREAKS ALREADY BUT NOW THEY WANT US TO WAIT ANOTHER MONTH THIS SUCKS!!!


i think what rose told jeremy in the car is so true damon and elena challenge each other while ofcourse stephan is good and will always be good for her elena needs to be pushed especially now that she will be vampire i also think that yes damon was obessed with katherine not stephan but when katherine was always tring to get stephan to feel something like when they were stuck in the tomb or the basement together stephan looked like he was tring to fight whatever she would tell him just like elena fights anything damon says because they think its bad for them i think there could be more there between stephan and katherine it would be better good if stephan ended up with katherine and elena and damon were togther each of those relationships would be a challenge


PLLEEAASSEEE..... Tell me I Am NOT the only one who thinks that all the "Spoilers" for season 4 thus far have been extremly lacking any sense of wonder and awe ?

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