Having a Ball Together
Weve seen this before, haven't we? Damon and Elena always do make for good dance partner.

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*Sigh*. Julie Plec is going to blow up the internet. I would blow up too if that was Katherine, that would just ruin it!! The last time they did that fancy dancin' it was THE best Delena scene ever, lets go for a second one!! :D


Yeah, could be Kat, you never know with this show... I hope its Elena. Caroline + Klaus
Elena + Damon
Katerina + Stephan
Tatia + Elijah There! Everyone gets a doppleganger and Klaus moves on to a blond beauty... Any thoughts guys????


How much you wanna bet thats Katerina?


Would love to be Elana for an episode and kiss Damon, but we would have to do it over until it was perfect , would not mind those retakes. Would love a sassy floric tumbling and rolling action between them too and it wind up in front of the fireplace on the floor and they kissed and get lost in the passion for the night.
Then not be able to face each other next morning to explore where this was leading too just yet, IS she rebounding from Spefan with Damon or does she really have feelings for him now, she is torn between two lovers possibly.


LOL at Stelena and Delena fans rating down the opposite ship's photos.

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The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Episode 14 Quotes

Anyone else feeling a little used right now?


Drive much?

Rebekah [to Elena]