The Vampire Diaries Spoilers: Hot Sex Alert!

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Hot vampire sex. Hot vampire sex. Hot vampire sex.

Julie Plec has teased it's on the way for Elena when The Vampire Diaries Season 4 kicks off in October, leaving fans to really ask just one question: With whom?!?

The obvious answer is Stefan, of course, but Plec remained a bit mysterious at Comic-Con, simply telling William Keck of TV Guide Magazine that the lucky bedmate would be either Stefan, Damon, Klaus, Matt or Elijah.

What else did the producer and other cast members tease?

  • Stefan will open the season with a new motorcycle.
  • "Enemies will become allies," Ian Somerhalder said, adding that Damon and Tyler will down a few drinks at the bar.
  • The fourth episode of the season will flash back nine centuries and focus on Rebekah.
  • What about Tyler and Caroline? "Shirts are flying off in our first episode back," Michael Trevino simply said.
  • Jeremy will share a history with Grace Phipps' April, and perhaps some sparks as well, but Jeremy R. McQueen added of his long-suffering character: "He and Bonnie still have some unfinished business."

The Vampire Diaries returns on October 11.

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And finally with Damon:HELL YES,and i can picture that be SUPER,SUPER,SUPER HOT.if that motel kiss was that hot imagine what the sex would be like?anyone with me?


Hoping its Damon and Elena having hawt vampire sex. No offense to Stelena fans (the few still around) but they bore me now :/


Julie plec,am so intrested in stelena n i pray dat vamp sex z btn da two.and in case its nt stefan,i wil b sure dt its nt da real elena doin very sure she stil hz feelingz 4 stefan bse she told damon in sn3 dt she hz awaiz luved stefan.this sex romp reminds me ov stelena having sex in sn1,dat wil be ma best eps ever.


This news can only excite horny teenagers, cos srsly, TVD needs to calm down with its "steamy" sex scenes, because pleasing the eyes of some underage fangirlies ain't gonna save the show from lack of story and character development, how about they focus on that first...otherwise TVD is becoming GG only with supernaturals.
Oh please Amie, I am that horny and I am disgusted by this


OMG! The first time around I read what Michael Trevino had to say I was so bummed out. Yes I know - I need to be banished, but I passionately Caroline and Tyler. And then I remembered!! Klaus is Tyler!!! This will be EPIC. I can't wait to see how this body snatcher plot will unfold!
As for the crazy Elena sex? well, I'm really hoping she loses it completely and sleeps with all of them at some point. Becoming Damon in a way, using sex to numb the pain. I would LOVE to see Elena go so dark, so twisted. I think it will be a great change from her usual boring self..


omg guys i just had the most awful thought ever, what if its NOT Damon!!!! now that would be a disester!!!! Delena FTW :D

David and sabrina 2014

This is one big spoiler alert and my obvious answer will always be Stefan to keep the Stelena fans up and have this moment to be treasured just like season 1 in "The Turning Point". 3D 3) If someone else is involved,then this moment that happened in season 1 will be forgotten and known as a lie. I really hope that it will be Stefan and it will mean that this moment will be known as "The Turning Point 2". 3D 3)


oops, spoke too soon! elena is indeed involved. so i am rooting for delena in this one.


i believe the "hot vampire sex" spoiler pertains to caroline and klaus (in tylers body) and will have nothing to do with elena, stefan or damon... hence the mysterious comment of julie plec. though i could only wish it to be for delena of course!


"Stefan will open the season with a new motorcycle." WOW! That's so interesting. Who would have thought that? I mean ... it will add so much depth to this character! Now I'm really looking forward to season 4. "What about Tyler and Caroline? "Shirts are flying off in our first episode back," Michael Trevino simply said."" Eeeh - so it's about KLAUS and Caroline, right? Guess in the first episode back Tyler's not in full possession of his body yet.

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