The Vampire Diaries Spoilers: Hot Sex Alert!

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Hot vampire sex. Hot vampire sex. Hot vampire sex.

Julie Plec has teased it's on the way for Elena when The Vampire Diaries Season 4 kicks off in October, leaving fans to really ask just one question: With whom?!?

The obvious answer is Stefan, of course, but Plec remained a bit mysterious at Comic-Con, simply telling William Keck of TV Guide Magazine that the lucky bedmate would be either Stefan, Damon, Klaus, Matt or Elijah.

What else did the producer and other cast members tease?

  • Stefan will open the season with a new motorcycle.
  • "Enemies will become allies," Ian Somerhalder said, adding that Damon and Tyler will down a few drinks at the bar.
  • The fourth episode of the season will flash back nine centuries and focus on Rebekah.
  • What about Tyler and Caroline? "Shirts are flying off in our first episode back," Michael Trevino simply said.
  • Jeremy will share a history with Grace Phipps' April, and perhaps some sparks as well, but Jeremy R. McQueen added of his long-suffering character: "He and Bonnie still have some unfinished business."

The Vampire Diaries returns on October 11.

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Hmm, I can't imagine Elena having sex with klaus or Elijah, and sleeping with Damon so early in the season seems too easy... I guess it could be Matt, ( I assume she lost her human virginity to him so maybe she's goin for symmetry and wants him to take her vampiric virginity too?), but I think it's Stefan and JP is just trying to misdirect us.
"enemies will become friends" I'm almost positive is in reference to klaus- with Elena becoming a vampire there is absolutely no reason for klaus to hang around mystic falls and until he switches sides, klausoline can't happen( really not looking forward to that). .


I kinda like the idea of Damon and Tyler hanging out ( though I bet the drinks they share will actually be between Damon and klaus!Tyler ). They're both kind of in the same boat
( or will be when Caroline. Chooses klaus over Tyler- again not something I want to happen but something I foresee nonetheless). Elena, Stefan, Matt, Caroline, Jeremy, are all the type of people that fall in love whenever and as often as possible, but Damon and Tyler aren't and I can see them not so much as bond but commiserate over their spurned/unrequited loves.
Ugh, I'm so over the originals and their sob stories, I really can't express how much I don't care about them. Please stop wasting valuable screen time on these characters that should have died at the end of season 3.


This Caroline/klaus!Tyler thing is such a mess. It's just very weird for klausoline and forwood shippers alike. I do feel a bit better knowing no one is getting what they want. I just don't understand how tricking a girl you fancy into havIng sex with you while wearing her boyfriend she assumed was dead could be considered even remotely romantic. It's actually really creepy and gross and it seems really unfair to me that klaus gets to steal all these really important/emotional moments from Tyler.


I m hoping Stefan will be fun while it last. Let him get some vamp sex for Elena cause you can be pretty sure at some Delena will get its turn. I actually like Rebecca and Kol was pretty interesting. Klaus having sex in Tyler's body .... not liking this. Have a feeling Stefan and Caroline maybe dealing with loss this season and may run to each other. Notice the pattern Damon and Stefan and these same lovely ladies.

Fruit salad

All I want from this season is a ploy to kill Klaus during which everyone have to take their shirts off and have a strip show. Damon, Tyler and Stefan challenging Elijah, Kol and Klaus, for instance! That would be awesome. Then at least something good would come out of all these kill Klaus missions.


It's obviously Stefan. Elena chose him and they said shed stick with that choice as the show returns. So Stelena. Yay, something new and different *sarcasm*.
Basically the only thing above that sounds good to me is the motorcycle, and only because it's funny picturing gloom and doom Stefan on a motorcycle.


Well thank God for Stefan getting a motorcycle... that red car they had him driving was so Geeky looking!
As for the steamy scene... it's probably Damon but Elijah would be cool... watch him screw up and call her Tatya while they're doing it!


Well. Its not klaus or elijah. So that leaves stefan , matt or damon. Hm i still vote elijah


and about elena's hot vampire sex. stefan? obvious. klaus? still in tylers body, so I don't see that happening. matt? please not. elijah? would be a bit out of the blue but interesting. damon? fangirl alert!!


"shirts are flying off in our first episode back." but in the first episode klaus is still inside tyler body, right?! this is not how I wanted klaroline sex to happen. :(

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