Trevor Donovan Books Return to 90210

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Will you have a baby with me, Teddy?

So asked Silver on the 90210 Season 4 finale, prompting both shock from viewers and a question: Would Trevor Donovan be returning to The CW drama this fall?

We now have an answer, courtesy of Zap2It: Yes, the actor will appear on at least the first two episode of 90210 Season 5 and possibly many more, depending on his schedule.

Teddy on the Beach

Sources tell the site that Teddy and Silver will struggle with the actual decision of getting pregnant together before deciding one way or another which way to go.

90210 returns with new episodes on Tuesday, October 8.

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Isn't he gay? I was confused


he's boring, same as ivy..

Sarah silva

and possibly many more Jarrod it also says possibly many more as per above, so I am sure he will be back for alot more!

Sarah silva

Best 90210 news ever! I love Trevor Donovan and I think they relaized they made a mistake in letting him go last season!


I know this may seem ignorant, but will Teddy and Silver actually attempt to sleep together? Because it wouldn't shock me if the writers actually attempted something like that.
On another note, I'm pretty sure Trevor would have a clear schedule, so I don't understand why he's ONLY back for 2 episodes. Honestly, no wonder why him and Silver will "struggle" to make a baby - he's only in it for two episodes. I wish they'd just add him back to the maincast now that Ivy is gone.

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Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.