Weeds Series Finale to Welcome Back Familiar Characters, Not Hang Off Any Cliffs

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On September 16, Andy will sleep with his final woman, Silas will complete his last grow and Doug will utter his farewell curse word, as Weeds says goodbye after eight seasons.

What can fans expect on the finale?

Nancy in Chains

“It’s beautiful... I just cried when I read [the script],” Mary-Louise Parker said this afternoon at the Television Critics Association press tour in Beverly Hills. “[Series creator Jenji Kohan] managed to bring things together in a way that was really satisfying to me. She didn’t make it a ‘happily ever after’ thing, but there was hope in it and there was some sort of benediction.”

Kohan - who cracked up the crowd when she turned to Alexander Gould and apologized "if we've destroyed your childhood in any way" added: "We're not cliffhanging, we're wrapping things up."

The executive producer also teased that the episode is  "a trip down memory lane, and it’s lined with all of our characters from the past.”

So, have at it, Weeds fans: Who do you want to see return for the finale?

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Yeah, looking back I wish the show never left Agrestic. It really went waaaayyyy downhill after season 3, and that was 5 seasons ago!!!


celia... shes the most imp one


Would be really noce to see Celia, Dean, Isabelle, and of course Conrad. Will be very sad to see this series end. This series gave me something to look forward to every week during the season and I'm sure I'll be in mourning when it ends. Heck, it even encouraged me to try my hand at growing, and now I'm one of the best small-scale medical growers in our area, helping several medical patients get their medical cannabis. So I can relate to Nancy's life (except I don't know how someone her age can look so good and wear all those great shoes that would make me break my face after two steps!). Long live Weeds!


I would like to see him in last season of Weeds. I'm hoping this season will be one of longest-running comedies in the history of cable.


I'll be happy to see Nancy ending up with her neighbor, the young(ish) rabbi. I assume he isn't married.


Conrad. He is the only one we haven't seen since agrestic. If he isn't there the finale will not be complete. Also just agrestic would be nice to see. Agrestic is weeds and the show was never the same once we left it

Saad khan

Celia, and isabell!


Halya, Conrad, Celia, and isabell! This is nonnegotiable!!!

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