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"Handicap" was another lackluster episode of Army Wives. I wondered if the title might be what they wanted going into it, to get a better rating.

If so, it didn't work. I know the historical capabilities of the show, so excuses are not allowed. I put my hand in the bag and come up empty every week.

Terry Serpico and Bobby Burke on Army Wives

Roland and Marcus: I really liked that Marcus went to Roland for help - and Roland helped him. Roland has always had the biggest heart and it would have been disappointing if he had changed his tune this late in the game. That Marcus thought enough of Roland to go to him meant he spotted that big heart on his own.

Keeping it from Joan, however, was not the best idea. Roland knew fully well she would disapprove and to find out on her own didn't do either one of them any favors. The way Joan reacted in the end, I got the feeling there is something we don't know about her past that's keeping her from dealing with Marcus rationally.

Kevin and Jackie: Was I missing something? Or did Kevin have a paralyzing injury only one week prior to starting physical therapy? I'll be honest, I don't know much about it, but it seemed soon. Not only for the therapy but for him to be so ornery and angry that he wasn't already sure about his future and his ability to walk. You have to wonder if anyone ever watches television on these shows.

I hated how Kevin was back to treating Jackie like she was one of his lowest ranking soldiers. His lack of respect for what she had done for him, how she supported him through the years and gave her life to better his should be noticed. Even when his life is falling apart he fails to see it. It's quite degrading and I truly hope that it's not indicative of the average general. Prove me wrong, Wives!

I hate to say it, but I was happy to see Kevin on the floor, under the weights, pinned to the ground. He's so damned stubborn he's going to get himself killed without even giving himself a chance to get well. Is that something we would expect of a true leader? A general? I don't think so.

The LeBlancs: Trevor got his Ranger Battalion assignment and it meant a move away from Fort Marshall. Whereas in the past Roxy would have been extremely upset at even the thought of moving, she didn't even think twice. It shows just how far the wives have come. So far that they are barely recognizable anymore. 

Denise the nurse practitioner: It's been difficult to remember Denise is a working nurse practitioner because of the five-year time jump. But there she was, running cases on her own. Thank goodness they sent her on the field call when the helicopter was ready to give out, because it wasn't enough that she did a great job freeing the soldier from the tank, and was proving herself good at her job. It was made all the more exciting by having the helicopter crash.

Note to Army Wives writers - I am being sarcastic! Allow me to remind you that sometimes the story is in their everyday lives. Being the best they can be without the extracurricular activities. 

Other things of note:

  • It appears Gloria did leave, and with very little fanfare.
  • Claudia Joy is on the longest trip with the first lady in the history of said trips. I'm fairly certain it started prior to the five month time jump. Will we see her again?
  • Did you notice Roxy didn't even care about giving up the Hump Bar or the truck stop?
  • Another week went by without even a mention of Nicole and Charlie. Did the writers forget they existed?

What could have been a very interesting story about Denise and her nursing career fell flat for me. Were you otherwise engaged and entertained? Chat about your thoughts in the comments!


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I had wondered what happened to Claudia Joy- I missed a couple of episodes-I agree, the show is very lackluster- I never used to miss it,now I forget it's on....


I believe they're squeezing everything in as AW indicates there are only two episodes left. Gloria is coming back, and my guess is that she will become the new owner of The Hump Bar. After all, the bar was given to her after the death of the original owner. Kim Delaney is in the mini-series "American MacBeth" in the role of Mary Todd Lincoln. I believe the series is in post-production. I'm surprised that all the characters remained for as long as they did. Getting transferred usually happens more often. Roxie has probably become acclimated to the Army. She now has four children and knew this day was coming. I really hope this is not the end of the series.


is the show going off air completely or just for the season?


you mentioned that Kim Delaney had "issues" during the filming for this season, but can you expand on what those were specifically? I can't find any info. on it. Thanks


Perhaps Claudia Joy is having some work done in Washington - if you get my drift. It seems there are some good plastic surgeons in Army. Are botox and breast implants covered under their medical plan? Just wondering as all the wives continue to look better and better. I just hope none of the taxpayers' dollars are involved!


Got too wordy I guess on my post cut off statement: Kevin would have needed total bed rest to give his back time to heal...not bench pressing like He-man. I think Joan's response was reasonable for a woman trying to protect her family. She doesn't have to have something in her own past to induce that reaction to that relapsing, drug addict, ex-con...then add in the pain of Roland keeping it from her & ignoring her concerns & feelings. In my opinion, she's the only one on the show being real. Go Joan (Wendy Davis)!!! Ok...I'll shut up now. Just disappointed in how this show is being handled.


I've been in the medical field for 20 yrs...I've worked a crap load of trauma as an X-ray & CT tech...& have EMT training. The way Denise handled the paratrooper stuck on the gun was ridiculous...he slammed into a tank with enough force to shove that gun through his shoulder by a foot or more. The first thing she did was grab his head to look into his eyes & check his level of consciousness.... With no consideration for possible c-spine injury or a closed head wound. BUT what really got me was when she had the same guy hold the flashlight for her to insert that chest tube into that doctor (who was not acting like a person with a pneumothorax).. At one point telling him to hold the light higher (with the injured arm) ...that man shouldn't have been conscious...or maybe even alive. Yes...ur dead on about Kevin. If they thought his paralysis might not be permanent it would be due to swelling around the spinal cord. The only chance for that to correct itself= total bed movement, much less bench pressing like He-man.


I too was amazed at Roxy's lack of concern about the Hump Bar and Truck Stop. Perhaps the lightbulb will go on in this week's episode and we will see what she does. This show is getting sooooooo boring, used to be my go to Sunday night show(well, other than Leverage) now I tape it and watch days later. Characters have all become stale, even Michael, my favorite. Kevin Deserves a swift kick you know where to shape up, no wonder his wife turns to pills and where is the spoiled brat during all of this? If she was so close to Daddy, she should be there with him. Yes, there has to be something in Joan's past to be this hostile to Marcus even though he is a loser


Without Brigid Brannagh, I have lost all interest in this show.
The show has no spark left anyway.
Nothing to do with the show, but I hate the name Claudia Joy. Noone in real life would allow such a childish name.


I watch the show every week and maybe I am not critical enough but I love the show. I do get sad though every time someone is taken from the show for one reason or another. You can get so attached. For the comments on time line and reality of different situaions; remember folks, this is TV and they only have an hour each week to accomplish their mission and it is there not only for some insight into the lives of Army Wives and Husbands but to entertain us. Just like on the shows where they get DNA so fast; we know that is not happening that fast but you get my drift. Anyway, I love the showe and will miss it when they are gone.

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