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"Handicap" was another lackluster episode of Army Wives. I wondered if the title might be what they wanted going into it, to get a better rating.

If so, it didn't work. I know the historical capabilities of the show, so excuses are not allowed. I put my hand in the bag and come up empty every week.

Terry Serpico and Bobby Burke on Army Wives

Roland and Marcus: I really liked that Marcus went to Roland for help - and Roland helped him. Roland has always had the biggest heart and it would have been disappointing if he had changed his tune this late in the game. That Marcus thought enough of Roland to go to him meant he spotted that big heart on his own.

Keeping it from Joan, however, was not the best idea. Roland knew fully well she would disapprove and to find out on her own didn't do either one of them any favors. The way Joan reacted in the end, I got the feeling there is something we don't know about her past that's keeping her from dealing with Marcus rationally.

Kevin and Jackie: Was I missing something? Or did Kevin have a paralyzing injury only one week prior to starting physical therapy? I'll be honest, I don't know much about it, but it seemed soon. Not only for the therapy but for him to be so ornery and angry that he wasn't already sure about his future and his ability to walk. You have to wonder if anyone ever watches television on these shows.

I hated how Kevin was back to treating Jackie like she was one of his lowest ranking soldiers. His lack of respect for what she had done for him, how she supported him through the years and gave her life to better his should be noticed. Even when his life is falling apart he fails to see it. It's quite degrading and I truly hope that it's not indicative of the average general. Prove me wrong, Wives!

I hate to say it, but I was happy to see Kevin on the floor, under the weights, pinned to the ground. He's so damned stubborn he's going to get himself killed without even giving himself a chance to get well. Is that something we would expect of a true leader? A general? I don't think so.

The LeBlancs: Trevor got his Ranger Battalion assignment and it meant a move away from Fort Marshall. Whereas in the past Roxy would have been extremely upset at even the thought of moving, she didn't even think twice. It shows just how far the wives have come. So far that they are barely recognizable anymore. 

Denise the nurse practitioner: It's been difficult to remember Denise is a working nurse practitioner because of the five-year time jump. But there she was, running cases on her own. Thank goodness they sent her on the field call when the helicopter was ready to give out, because it wasn't enough that she did a great job freeing the soldier from the tank, and was proving herself good at her job. It was made all the more exciting by having the helicopter crash.

Note to Army Wives writers - I am being sarcastic! Allow me to remind you that sometimes the story is in their everyday lives. Being the best they can be without the extracurricular activities. 

Other things of note:

  • It appears Gloria did leave, and with very little fanfare.
  • Claudia Joy is on the longest trip with the first lady in the history of said trips. I'm fairly certain it started prior to the five month time jump. Will we see her again?
  • Did you notice Roxy didn't even care about giving up the Hump Bar or the truck stop?
  • Another week went by without even a mention of Nicole and Charlie. Did the writers forget they existed?

What could have been a very interesting story about Denise and her nursing career fell flat for me. Were you otherwise engaged and entertained? Chat about your thoughts in the comments!


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In real life the actress playing claudia joy was having problems with alcohol and a dui I think. Maybe that's why she is out


What is up with Claudia Joy? Has something happened with the actress that plays her? It's like she was on a couple episodes, then disappeared, came for another maybe 2 & now she vanished again ? We need a MiA report for Claudia Joy Holden.


My problem with the show now is nothing ever means anything. Every episode has something life threatening, or altering, and none of them amount to anything. The most relieving part of last night's episode was Roxy and Finn, because it was real. I miss those moments on the show. Big ones, like guns and death used to be built up and culminated into a real storyline. For instance, remember the bomb in the season 1 finale that killed Amanda? So much went into that. I miss that.


It is very clear that this show is on fumes but hasn't told anyone yet for sure.... They expanded season 6 so they could just extend the actors contracts a bit without having them sign new ones for more money.. They sure seem to be wrapping up storylines.. It will be a shame if this show ends without Kim D in the episode.. only 2 more weeks left.. I frankly think it probably is a good time to hit the road for this show.. I know a lot of military families seem to enjoy it but they seem to have covered everything in its 6 seasons...


I think the show has gotten off track. Pretty underwhelmed with this season. I know Kim Delaney has issues, but her character and all her medical issues and now with the first lady. Come on with what has happened too phoney to believe she is has stayed away. Denise too too much drama and she is always a hero. Come on give us something more. The "wives" group is not at all what it was before. Losing the will to watch, but hoping for something.


What I want to know is where is Claudia Joy she's been gone almost the whole season! nobody that close to the presidents wife. I got col. .Burton's back I don't think I would let Marcus come back either he's got trouble written all over him. mothers have to protect their children.. I think Jackie is has the patience of Job with her husband Keviin and her daughter too I tell them both to go jump off a bridge. he is so mean to her and disrespectful. as far as Roxy and Trevor I think I do just about anything Trevor tells me to do


Every week I sit with the tv on and just listen. I do everything else I can think of, and even just listening to the show these days makes me cringe. I was just saying to my brother in law that CJ was missing for the longest time. I was proud of Roxy though, and Finn was too cute. Not belligerent but hesitant.

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