Burn Notice Review: The Not Very Good Guys

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Sigh. I miss Pearce even more now after watching “Official Business."

That's what happens when her replacement is none other than Agents Bailey and Manaro, who showed up to take advantage of their newest “asset” and mandate that Fiona assist them on a case.

Fiona Helps an Operative

Are Bailey and Manaro from the CMA? The Central Moron Agency? How can these to chuckle nuts be from the same department that brought us Tom Card and Daniel Pearce?!? Honestly, how have they not gotten themselves killed?

Typically, I really enjoy the characters Matt Nix comes up with. For example, this week Durov was creepy and sleazy, while Angela had me completely fooled with her innocent act, followed by the shocking reality of her traitorous real self.

But Bailey and Manaro just bug the crap out of me and I have figured out why: They are recycled characters from another Nix-created program!

Matthew Bailey and Gabriel Manaro are just versions of Jack Bailey and Dan Stark from The Good Guys. Think about it.... Matthew Bailey? Jack Bailey?!? Still not convinced? Fine, here you go:

BN Photo

I was not a fan of that failed Fox series.

I watched the first half dozen episodes and I couldn’t suspend break my disbelief in order to get into it. Bringing that level of idiocy to Burn Notice works when it’s a bad guy, a client or one of Michael’s contacts - but having it be the Pearce’s replacement offends on more levels than I want to count.

Dumb and Dumber aside, Michael managed to finally get a strong lead on the man who killed Nate. Of course, that lead to the killer shooting the guy Michael and Sam were trying to get information out of while they were at lunch.

The only thing Michael managed to acquire was a name: Tyler Gray. What we know of Tyler Gray is that he is really good with a rifle, speaks Farsi and possesses serious training. Does anyone remember what Rebecca’s brother Trent had for qualifications? Trent is pretty close to Tyler. Could it be him?

Next week is the summer season finale. Be sure and check back here shortly afterwards for our review.


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Angelica is gorgeous. I have never seen this show before. I only saw this episode for Angelica, just to see her, she was stunning & hopefully to see her on the screen soon, wish her luck on her english acting career. Angie looks very very beautiful next to Fiona.


I believe they (manaro and bailey) were sent to use fiona to get her killed, they were not field operatives, so their lack of experience would aid in fits demise. Fortunately, Michael was ready to keep that from happening, and, really, protected manaro and bailey's careers, too.


I agree about Fiona's eyebrows. I told my husband they looked like two "catapillars". Please pluck away.


What is up with Fiona eyebrows? Ever since she was in prison they look like catapillars and almost a unibrow. I first thought it was because she is in prison and can not pluck them, but now she is out they are to overpowering. Still she can kit ass with the best of them.


Google "Angelica Celaya" to find interview and more backstory on this TeleNuvela actress on her first American & english-speaking role. Interesting to find her take on the ep and how she dealt with english acting. And, no, no one could make Fi unattractive.


I know why they bring those 2 idiots on. So they can make all the stupid bad guys not seem as retarded as they all are.


The two CIAgents are to illustrate in contrast the skill of Michael. I'm excited for the summer finale.


We may not see Maddie till the Jan. episodes that ends the season. I think there will be a confrontation between Maddie and Michael as I feel Maddie is still blaming Michael for Nate's death.


I was not thrilled to see those two idiotic CIA agents back in action, either...I remember them from the whole Colombia thing with Sam, and I figured we'd seen the last of them then. But no, somehow they retain their jobs and they're back to be a plague to Fi and Michael and Sam. ARG. And yes, Fi looks very skinny next to the voluputous gang moll, but that's because she's the greyhound of girlfriends, sleek and small but swift and dangerous when she needs to be. I thoroughly enjoyed her getting the better of the evil Angela, because you know that no one gets the better of the Irish in a fight! But I do miss Michael's mom Maddy...I hope she's in the season finale.


I don't like that Angela makes Fiona look to short and tiny. Seriously that Angela girl is too big.

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Burn Notice Season 6 Episode 9 Quotes

Michael: Fi, how does a weekend in South Carolina sound? It's not Paris, but there will be lots of guns.
Fiona: Sounds lovely.

Michael: Do you think your girlfriend can loan me some items to look the part?
Sam: I hate this plan already.