Burn Notice Sneak Peeks: What Happened to Nate?

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In the wake of his brother's murder, Michael Westen has created his own stages of grief.

They will be evident on tonight's "Unchained" and are depicted in the following sneak peeks at the episode. First: insomnia...

Next: threatening an FBI agent for information with a brandished gun...

From there: bargaining, acceptance and deal-making...

Finally: plotting, scheming and file recovery...

Tune in to Burn Notice tonight at 9/8c on USA and then visit TV Fanatic soon afterward for our detailed review.

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I love Burn Notice...Jesse included (although Michael is my favorite). I love watching the play between him and Fiona (the episode where she tries to beat him up..so funny) However, I think Sam gets most of the best lines.
And I am so, so glad that Anson is gone!! (and Larry for that matter) I couldn't stand him...it was getting difficult to watch the show with him on it. But like any addiction, I couldn't stay away. I was sorry to see Nate go, though, he was a fun character. Michael and Nate's early episode exchanges were so great (Nate: "I'm working bro" Michael:"lying in a crumpled heap on an airport parking lot...how does that pay?') However, what I really miss is the Michael of the first seasons...the funny and playful Michael...I miss his smile.


I love Burn Notice...and most of the cast... I don't understand why they killed off michaels brother...and kept jesse (wannabe michael weston)...and where was nate's wife/ex wife and baby...they were not at the funeral...maybe nate isn't really dead...??? anyhow...I understand that Madeline is upset with Michael because of the line of work he's in...and she probably feels because of that...is why Nate is dead... so... When will Madeline be back...?

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Burn Notice Season 6 Episode 8 Quotes

What did you think? It's my first Boston mobster. I wanna get it right.


Sam: Hey, look who's not in jail.
Pearce: Well, I just got an ear full from Langley about your little stunt. What the hell were you thinking threatening an FBI agent like that?
Michael: I didn't threatening him. I asked him questions with a gun in my hand. A gun I have the right to legally carry.