Michael makes a deal with the FBI in this scene from Burn Notice. It's based around a scheme and a file.
Michael agrees to do the FBI a favor in this Burn Notice sneak peek. Why? It may help him solve Nate's murder.
Michael is disturbed by news he learns in this clip from Burn Notice. It relates to Nate's murder.
Neither Michael nor Fiona can sleep in this clip from Burn Notice. It's courtesy of the episode "Unchained."

Burn Notice Season 6 Episode 8 Quotes

What did you think? It's my first Boston mobster. I wanna get it right.


Sam: Hey, look who's not in jail.
Pearce: Well, I just got an ear full from Langley about your little stunt. What the hell were you thinking threatening an FBI agent like that?
Michael: I didn't threatening him. I asked him questions with a gun in my hand. A gun I have the right to legally carry.