Common Law Review: Just a Dream?

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I commented last week that Common Law was fighting an uphill battle when it came to renewal. I thought maybe "Hot For Teacher"would place the show more strongly on that path Season 2, but I'm fairly sure that a majority of this episode did not accomplish that goal.

Now the series only has one more episode to prove it’s strong enough to hang with the rest of USA Network’s more well-established heavyweights.

Wes Captures a Suspect

The complicated plot that tied in Robert to the crime could have been executed with a bit more finesse. There was a lot of mob-like activity and complication that almost completely drowned out his participation, save the bribe.

That alone should not have been enough grounds to completely dissolve the pending nuptials between Dr. Ryan and Robert. Unless I don't understand how key the issue of trust is to the good doctor, I would think they would have perhaps found some way to work through the issues, especially if they loved one another enough to be considering marriage.

These gripes aside, there was then the utter awkwardness that this episode evoked with regard to Wes' and then Travis' rather salacious dreams about Dr. Ryan. The concept was entertaining for the first 15 minutes at best. Then it immediately got old and out of place in conjunction with the rest of the episode.

I do believe that Wes and Travis' intrusion into the case involving Dr. Ryan's fiance did venture into the realm of unprofessional, especially given the explicit orders not to pursue it. It would have been completely unbelievable had there been no consequences at all.

Having seen the trailer for next week's episode, however, it now appears that the diluted plot-line of this week's hour was almost exclusively concocted to set up the season finale. The writers needed some incident so appalling to Dr. Ryan and whose consequences were so distressing to Wes and Travis that drastic action had to be taken to rectify the situation. That action appears to be the revelation about just how they ended up in therapy to place them back in the good doctor's good graces.

I believe this is where the show got it right. The moments that included Dr. Ryan's announcement that Wes and Travis were no longer going to be her patients and the developing fallout from that decision was the strongest way the episode could have ended. That was compelling to me.

What I think the writers need to gain a better grasp of is the balance between the serial weekly stories and the underlying plot that make up the most compelling element of this show. It's what this show was developed and marketed on: Two partners in therapy who need to work out their issues in a group setting. That's where the money is at, so to speak.

Next week is the litmus test of all litmus tests for this show. I'm just hoping they have what it takes to push through and make renewal not just a dream, but a reality.

Do you think this show has what it takes, Commoners?


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Common law ROCKS!!


I love common law & hope that this show is renewed for
Season 2. I'll be extremely disapointed if this show is cancelled.


Please don't take Common Law off the air. It s a great show. I love the characters!


Common law is an amazing show I watch it every week, its better than most other comedy drama shows, and it sure as hell beats NCIS


I like Common Law and hope it is renewed - I think it needs some growth and that's what a second season will allow to have happen. One big reason that I am a fan: one of the main characters is a former foster child and he's now a good role model for foster kids, who usually see fosters as victims or worse on TV (Criminal Minds, Law Order, etc.) I vote for renewal!

Tony williams

the show is quirky but I dig it a lot. I hope the show take more of a serios turn and just a tad bit more comedy...Travis and Wes are building some chemistry.


I love the show Common Law. No it's not NCIS, Person Of Interest, Criminal Minds or any of the hundred different CSI shows. What Common Law is though, is funny, entertaining, and lighthearted. Everybody can relate to this show because we all have a relationship of some kind with a person who drives us crazy. It's a new show with GREAT potential that needs a chance to grow. Remember how bad Seinfeld was in its first couple of seasons? Now it's acclaimed as the best television show of all time. Common Law is amazing and is a much needed break from the heavyness of more serious crime shows and the stupidity of reality shows.


I like this show, and would watch a season 2. It's not the best, but its not the worst either. They do have some good actors on here. I'm hoping that it is re-newed, and that the writers give us a little more. I love the concept of cop partners having to go to therapy. I'm glad we find out why Wes and Travis we were sent to therapy in the finale. Hopefully, we get another season.


This is by far the worst show that USA has put out. Theres nothing particularly bad about it, but there's really nothing good about it either. They should drop it and get to work on a different show with an actual plot.


I too think Common Law is a nice little show. As Evelyn said, it's not NCIS or Person of Interest, or Burn Notice for that matter, but it's enjoyable entertainment. It's far better than the reality trash that all of the networks seem to think people want to watch. Thank God the family package cable networks offer good scripted shows without my having to add the extra and extraordinary expense of HBO or Showtime. Did anyone else notice the actor cross-over in Robert, Dr. Ryan's fiance? It was the same actor who plays Karp on Franklin and Bash.

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