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this series is amazing, every minute is worth watching. and am really glad christopher and elena finally gave into temptation, they are obviously meant to be. can't wait til januray


I loved the season finale. What a lot of twists & turns. I kept reading about Cliff Barnes having a daughter with Afton Cooper, but never thought that it could be Rebecca!

JR & John Ross...what can I say. Love them both. John Ross a bit more now, than JR. Best quote for me, was when JR said to John Ross, "you're definitely my son, from tip to tail". Loved that!

Questions were answered, but yet so many questions remain. What is Anne's secret? Christopher & Elena back together, not my favourite part. Did not like it when she broke John Ross's heart.

Bring on Season 2. I'm suffering from Dallas finale hangover & withdrawal symptoms too.


Don't feel bad Christine I didn't see Cliff Barnes having a daughter either. And I should have too. Should have figured it out the minute she made that phone call and it was cleaned up so quickly. No doubt Tommy's REAL sister will play into next season as I'm sure she is going to venture to Dallas to find out what has happened to her brother. Will Cliff pay her off?

So John Ross is back to his old self. Seen that coming. He thinks he's got his Daddy by the balls, but I think JR is too smart for that and will do something once again to fuel John Ross' hate.

It's clear to me Christopher loves Elena and her him, I think they should be together.

Seriously, how long can someone hold a grudge? Give it up will never bring down the Ewings! You've tried and tried and always get shot down.

I've loved every minute of this re-vamped Dallas and definitely will be watching in January!


Hell yeah I'll be watching! That finale was awesome. This is the best reboot of an old series yet. Loved every episode! :)


One of the best shows out there! It bridges the gap with generations and I can talk about it with older relatives.


January 2013? O.k,I'll wait.



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