Mondays 9:00 PM on TNT
"Where There's Smoke"

When the truth comes out about Emma and John Ross, the consequences are more twisted than anyone expected on the Dallas winter finale.

"Like a Bad Penny"

John Ross looks to an old partner of J.R.'s to help gain control at Ewing Global while Elena's brother Drew returns to Dallas.

"Like Father, Like Son"

John Ross scrambles to save his lease deal but may end up hurting those who love him to do it, on Dallas.


Bobby and Sue Ellen use their newfound pull with the governor to stop John Ross from fracking Southfork on Dallas.

"Lifting the Veil"

John Ross ends up missing on the day of his wedding even as familar faces arrive at South Fork on Dallas.

"Playing Chicken"

Bobby attempts to outmaneuver John Ross to stop fracking on South Fork. Christopher makes a shocking discovery about Nicholas on Dallas.

"Trust Me"

Clashes over the future of South Fork, a Ewing bbq, and a surprising return shakes things up on Dallas.

"The Return"

Dallas season 3 premieres as Cliff Barnes uses a new ally to exact his revenge against the Ewings.


On the conclusion of the Dallas season 2 finale, J.R.'s master plan is finally revealed and the truth about his death leads to surprising new alliances and enemies.

"Guilt By Association"

John Ross and Pamela uncover some surprising information and Bobby must share more of J.R.'s master plan with the family on the first of the two part Dallas season finale.