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I was shocked too. Who knew Elena could be such a thieving whore?

John Ross

Nicholas: How did you get up here?
John Ross: I told your doorman I was going to slam his face into the elevator call button. He said he didn't think that was necessary.

I'm not stopping until I wipe the Ewings off the face of the earth and you made it possible.


You're not the one that got away. You're just gone.

Christopher (to Elena)

Nobody can stop me from protecting this family. Not even you.

Bobby (to Anne)

Determining our fates yet again. Worked so well last time.

Sue Ellen (to Bobby)

You're the one who tossed her out with the trash. Maybe we should thank you for turning her into such a spiteful bitch.

John Ross

He got us to write his ending The ending where JR Ewing isn't a monster.


Maybe she was right. Having JR's DNA in my blood is a curse.

John Ross

I see now that there will never be enough success, enough money to fill that hole where your heart should be.


He was the only man who ever saw the good in me. He was the only one who made me feel like I could be normal.


What you need to come to terms with is that you were willing to throw your life away. Then maybe they'll let you out of here.

Sue Ellen
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Dallas Quotes

I ain't a virgin but i ain't a whore either.


I've got family business to attend to before anybody knows I'm dying.

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