Dallas Round Tables

The Dallas season finale featured so many twists and turns it was hard to keep up, but our Round Table Team can't wait to relive the fun.
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With John Ross in prison and his life on the line, which one of the Ewings will come to his rescue? Our Round Table team ponders Sue Ellen's moral compass, Rebecca's mysterious past, and who played white knight and saved Southfork.
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It's "The Last Hurrah" as Southfork is packed up and the final Ewing Barbecue kicks off but the drama is far from over. Our Round Table team odebate Christopher's methods for distancing himself from Elena and what whether Rebecca will come clean or continue the con.
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Dallas came back to TV after more than a two decade absence. Did this continuation of the iconic prime time soap live up to the original? We react to it in this edition of the TV Fanatic Round Table.
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Dallas Quotes

I ain't a virgin but i ain't a whore either.


I've got family business to attend to before anybody knows I'm dying.