Grimm Review: Staying in Town

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It's too bad NBC didn’t premiere Grimm with back-to-back episodes. Because "The Kiss" kicked off right where “Bad Teeth” concluded.

But, when you’re premiering in August and only have so many episodes to go around, this is the result. Still, no complaints are needed. So let’s get on to the good stuff...

Juliette Sleeps

Goodie 1: Widening the Nets
You have to wonder why Grimm would bother with bringing the FBI in to investigate first the case, along with the murder of its agents. and tonight showed us why: to get Nick in that interrogation room.

The Feds asked all the right questions, and, of course, Nick had all the right answers. Nick as a character possesses all the right kinds of skills to succeed as a Grimm. Not only is he quick on his feet and good at kicking major Wesen butt, but his experience as a detective gives him the ins and outs of police work. In some ways he could be compared to Dexter.

So the Federal Agents didn’t intimidate Nick because he knew what they were going to ask him, and he already had a plan to get out of it. Even so, there were small little hints that this will still come back to bite him, but not necessarily in a way that be bad; rather in a way that can expand the scope of the show. Last week illuminated us to what the royal families are doing and why they are searching for: the keys.

If the scope of the show is to expand, the police force needs to broaden as a result, and Portland PD doesn’t have the jurisdiction the US Government does.

Goodie 2: More Layers of Captain Renard are Peeled Away
It looks like we’ve finally gotten to see what Renard is hiding, and he has a Wesen form; however, Adalind’s mom brought up a good point: he’s almost human, and she told Mama B that he’s a bastard of the royal family.

Renard’s Terminator-esque appearance makes me wonder if his royal blood and his other half makes him some type of hybrid creature, and he, therefore, can’t fully commit to either trait. Which would make him almost human.

Even for all of those revelations about him there is still very much that is up in the air. Renard knows his family sent the saber tooth Frenchman to take care of Nick, but Renard’s side is still murky. Is he patiently keeping Nick alive so he can gain prominence in a family that might consider him illegitimate and not the rightful heir?

Goodie 3: Changing Family Dynamics
Juliette is saved! But she doesn’t remember Nick, which is not surprising since we saw Nick fade from her memory last week. I’m guessing since she was given a true love’s kiss (if this were Once Upon A Time) by Renard that she may end up feeling a connection towards him rather than Nick, and that assumes that is the only thing that is different with her.

The other dynamic is Mama Burkhardt now working her own plan behind the scenes without Nick’s knowledge, while having the coins in her possession. Though it is not for certain that she saw Renard walk out of Adalind’s Mom’s house, it’s the only thing that makes sense right now. She knows the family are after the keys and the treasure, her son has a key, she now knows a royal lives in Portland. She’s probably put it all together.

Other thoughts:

  • Both Monroe and Rosalee seemed to gain approval from Mom tonight. Monroe keeping the doctors busy and Rosalee giving her a stern talking to and a hug.
  • “Monalee” continue making their adorable chemistry known with awesome lines such as:
    Monroe: Cheapskate doesn't realize how close she came to getting her throat ripped out.
    Rosalee: That's so sweet, maybe later. | permalink

What did you think of tonight’s Grimm?


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Ronald simkins

@ joyful It was the "Lovesick" episode with Reynard to Adelind's mother.


That wasn't my last comment. This is. There's a great interview w/GRIMM creators David Greenwalt & Jim Kouf about what they have planned for the season. No spoilers. Just interesting thoughts, and answers to some questions about Nick's mom. It's at the Futon Critic website. Here's the link: And, if you're hesitant about clicking on links, I'll just tell you. This season they have two main themes - 1) make it epic - bigger & broader, and 2) make everyone suffer. Yes, indeed, Mr. Greenwalt! I can certainly see the influence of BUFFY's & ANGEL's second seasons in these themes. One more question: Can we start using the term "Scooby Gang" for GRIMM now? Monroe won't like being compared to Scooby. But, that's what you get when you're a blutbad.


Love the show and now Mary E. Mastrantonio is a great addition. HATE, HATE the voiceover in the beginning!! WHY?? If it keeps up, I'll mute til it's over..Just keep the Wessen coming every week,regardless!


This will be my last comment, promise! I'm going to miss Jessica Tuck as Ms. Schade. She was hilarious as Nan Flanagan (vampire) on TRUE BLOOD, and I like her blend of sexy elegance, intelligence and ruthlessness. She would have been an interesting ally for Renard to have in his corner IMO, even more than Adalind. Too bad we'll never know.


While we're on the subject of Ms. Schade, I looked up the meaning of her name because on GRIMM, everything has a double meaning, even if it serves to reinforce the obvious. In German, "Schade" is defined as a pity, a shame, or a sin. As a verb, it's usage is to do someone sorrow, harm, or damage; and also to cause offense or injury, or wreak havoc. It's interesting that Capt. Renard embodies all of those by being half-Hexenbiest and half-royal/human. BTW, there's a great interview w/Sasha Roiz (Renard) on the Entertainment Weekly website where he confirms his character's wesen origins. Check it out!


artimisa, Really good points. I completely forgot that Renard wants Nick around.


Let's just get rid of Juliet. Really. Worthless character and looks stranger with that funky eye than most of the creatures


@isoron... I didn't catch that at all, that's pretty cool. Which episode are you referring to, that totally warrants a rewatch.

Ronald simkins

This was epic because Momma Shade was killed by the "mirror mirror on the wall". Did anyone pick up on that - left over from season 1. Renard to momma Shade "Mirror mirror - Dagger dagger" and it all bounced back. I have to admit I thought Nick would be the kiss - but Renard being purged to a pure heart might be a game-changing gambit.


I'd have liked the first 2 eps together too. Great episode.

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Grimm Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Monroe: Cheapskate doesn't realize how close she came to getting her throat ripped out.
Rosalee: That's so sweet, maybe later.

It feels like it was just yesterday I was crashing through my window to introduce myself to him.