Lost Girl Review: Fae-infected Again

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What the heck is going on with the big Fae war? Is it coming? Or, is it a Faery tale?

Okay, I'm sure it's going to develop soon,  but tonight's "School's Out" didn't provide any insight into the war or how they are going to stop it.

Bo Teaches Class

While this episode had quite a few important individual moments, overall, it was lackluster. The show excels when it focuses more on the Fae world and happenings. The investigation had a Fae culprit, but mostly didn't revolve around that world.

Even though the case wasn't all that compelling, there was movement in the relationships. Lauren and Nadia returned from their trip to the lake. Initially they seemed to be as in love as ever, but it turned awkward when Bo showed up. Later, Lauren pushed Nadia away to instead do work for Bo's case. Though, later they did hook up, so their status is rather unclear.

Lauren is in a difficult position. Her comatose girlfriend awoke like nothing had happened in all the years she was unconscious and Lauren has hidden the truth about that time from her. Unfortunately, both are pretending to to other that everything is fine and that does not bode well for a continued, successful partnership.

I wish Lauren would be more forthcoming with those in her life. She did apologize to Bo, but that was a bit awkward. Hasn't she learned that withholding the truth will just hurt those she cares about? Nadia is eventually going to figure out about both Lauren's agreement with The Ash and feelings for Bo.

In the meantime, Nadia is investigating on her own and that can't end well. If something happens to Nadia because of Lauren's silence that will be difficult for the doctor to overcome.

Since Bo can't be with either Lauren or Dyson, she has remained with Ryan. I say that because Bo would easily choose either Lauren or Dyson over Ryan in a second. Yes, he is Dark Fae, but he's fun and sexy. I enjoy the two of them together, though I don't expect it will last long. Sooner rather than later, Ryan will do something that Bo just can't overlook and will reject him.

Ryan has been integral to Bo's introduction to the Fae world. The Dark versus Light divide isn't simply evil versus good and that's a lesson she needs to learn. Unfortunately, it has come at a great cost. Bo is lying to Kenzi and Bo will pay for that. Just as Lauren should open up, so should Bo. The truth may hurt at first, but it's better than being lied to or kept from it.

The secrets are going to end up blowing up. Let's hope this isn't the negative energy that the Garuda need to regain their strength.

Odds and Ends

  • Seriously, Bo, what were you thinking with that outfit? How could any students concentrate, boys or girls, with you in that outfit? Hot stuff!
  • Kenzi referring to Dyson as "Snoopy" -- hilarious!
  • Dyson may be the worst guidance counselor ever.
  • Dyson's concern and reaction to Ryan was honest, but so was Bo's answer. It's not his decision. Her forcefulness was perfect.
  • How many times has Kenzi been Fae-infected? Seriously ... she is prone to being the target. At least, she has been cured each time with little or no lasting repercussions.
  • The school dance decorations that Ryan put together for Bo were very cute. Nice move, Ryan. So charming. How could Bo turn that down?
  • Why did Nadia focus on Lauren's necklace? Does she know about The Ash? Why would she be so concerned with a piece of jewelry?


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Since they used Heathers movie referrences, I think it would of been cool to see Christian Slater as Earl's dad or the principal/vice principal. Salutations.


So... when does Nadia bite the dust again? She is the typical plot device: no personality, no depth, no chemistry with her love interest and, apparently, no lines. All we saw was Nadia attempting to pee on Lauren in front of Bo. RUN, LAUREN, RUN! I wish the writers would stop with teenage!Bo whenever there is a d!ck involved. Ryan instead of Romeo, REALLY? Bo continue to lying to Kenzi because of a useless prick? Really, it is no wonder most folks prefer her with Lauren. At least she is herself around her. I am also ready for Ryan to take off. Meanwhile, it would be great to have Dyson get his head out his ass and do something about his curse. I enjoyed him this episode just like I enjoyed the good old Dyson we met in season 1. I want that back.


I agree with WatchesTooMuch that we haven't really seen her learning anything new about light fae vs dark fae here. Still, I thought there were a number of funny moments in this episode, especially with Kenzi and Dyson as the worlds worst guidance counselor...hilarious. And poor Kenzi, she does always get infected with some dire fae disease, doesn't she?! I imagine her immune system has had the crap kicked out of it. But as Bo's sidekick she has a duty to take the hard hits that Bo, as the heroine, can't take. And yeah, I think most viewers could care less about Nadia because she hasn't been allowed to show us anything about her personality beyond her horniness/lust toward Lauren the boring doctor.I hope we also see the end of Nate the dark fae sooner rather than later...he skeeves me out.


Fun and well-written episode, although at this point people probably want to see more of the Garuda and how evil he is. This is one thing about Lost Girl. They tend to introduce something big or shocking that gets people excited and then just put it aside like nothing happened. Teen Wolf is more gripping in this regard I have to say. Still, I love Lost Girl and all the main characters and their friendships/relationships. Hope they do a better job at this in season 3 then.


"The Dark versus Light divide isn't simply evil versus good and that's a lesson she needs to learn." We keep hearing that this, but I'm not sure what it means. If it means that the worst of the Light are no better than the best of the Dark, it's a lesson she's already learned. If it means that "Light" and "Dark" are contrasting but complementary principles, like Yin and Yang, I'm not seeing that. I could believe that the Light and Dark are really just coalitions that came together more or less by chance or convenience -- like the Democratic and Republican parties in the US or the Horde and the Alliance in World of Warcraft ... but, again, I'm not seeing that. The problem, most likely, is that the writers haven't figure out what the "more" is yet, either.


If you're going to have a filler episode have an entertaining one. If you're going to have new characters given them some sense of importance. As soon as Nadia emerges from the pod rubbing Bo's nose in her possession of Lauren and the dark doings with the photographs have her skidding her way towards the exit. Ryan can never recover from offending the sacred Kenzi. Ciara is also on the outs which leaves only Nate. I liked this one for its team action, I like Dyson as the counseller, Bo and Lauren awkwardness and tortured love and Kenzi and Bitchybutch and the Heathers.


On the whole, I'm totally in agreement with you that this is a rather ho-hum episode. Considering we're waiting for things to get cooking with the Garuda, it's a frustrating piece because it feels like the show spinning its wheels. Luckily there's a certain amount of fun (thanks mostly to Kenzi and Dyson's poor guidance counselor skills). Oh Nadia...how much we don't care about you. Hopefully that'll change, but for now...yawn Our take: http://wp.me/p1VQBq-1g1

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