Lost Girl Review: Troubled Fae

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The Fae world is full of conflict that unfortunately is feeding right into The Garuda's plans.

The Fae case was intriguing in "The Girl Who Fae'd With Fire" primarily because it provided background about that universe, but also disrupted the relationships of the main characters.

Kenzi Helps Hale

Bo and friends have been aware that The Garuda is coming to suck the life out of the Fae world, but other Fae have been kept in the dark. With the death of two Noble Fae and the defeat of the Cherufe, Bo revealed the truth to the Clans.

Unfortunately for the Fae, the Clans didn't care. They wanted to continue their fighting despite the greater consequences. Their arrogance could be the downfall of the entire species. Though, I'm not sure why it fell to Bo to tell them. Why didn't The Ash do it? And, what about The Morrigan?

On the relationship side, they continued to be messed up. Lauren is still with Nadia, who gets creepier by the day. Is Nadia crazy or possessed?  Up until the end of this episode, I thought she was just needy and possessive of Lauren. That would make sense given that she was in a coma for five years and awoke to a changed world.

After her hand cutting incident, it appears that she may be possessed. Could it be The Garuda? She was caught inspecting Bo's weapons. And, then she cut her hand similar to what Trick did in "Barometz. Trick. Pressure." Did The Ash that cursed Nadia do it for a specific reason? And, now that it has been undone are the Fae at risk? Nadia now appears to be much more than a human.

Whatever is up with Nadia, I hope it ends with her no longer with Lauren. They may have loved each other in the past, but Lauren isn't happy with this clingy version of her girlfriend. Lauren is trapped between her servitude to The Ash and Nadia, which has suppressed her spunk.

In other relationships, Bo has continued to see Ryan in secret. That's not going to go over well at all when Kenzi finds out. Since his mistake with Nate and the recording contract, he has seemed to help Bo more than harm her, but he is Dark Fae. It won't be long until his beliefs clash with Bo's.

Nate's still around? It was a surprise to see that he is still dating Kenzi. The last we saw of him, he was upset with her over the broken recording contract deal. Nate was gone, but now he's back. One complaint (and it may be the only one) about Lost Girl is the inconsistency of some characters. Another example is from earlier this season, Dyson and Bo were fine working together and then the next episode they are still struggling with the end of their relationship.

It's like Nate was brought back, just to create conflict when Hale asked Kenzi to be his "girlfriend." I've been a fan of a Kenzi-Hale relationship for a while and I'd love to see it even more now. They are good together. Who would watch The Mighty Ducks that many times with someone if they didn't care about them? It was sad to see Hale walk away leaving Kenzi with Nate.

Hale was the big loser at the end of the day. He didn't get the girl, but he also lost his best friend. Dyson has continued to self-destruct. Val definitely wasn't blameless. She threw herself at Dyson and basically forced herself on him. But, Dyson is a big boy wolf. He knew he shouldn't have sex with her and he stopped, but then made a conscious decision to go forward with it.

Dyson deserved that punch. Unfortunately, it didn't seem to knock any sense into him. Since the Norn took his love, he has been on a downward spiral and destroying himself with pity. Dyson needs to stop being destructive and do something to try and get his love back. This is the Fae world, there has to be away around the Norn deal.

The second season is quickly coming to a close. Will they be able to defeat The Garuda? And, if so, at what cost? Will Dyson find a cure for his loveless heart? And, will Lauren be able to save Nadia again or is it too late? Bo is the centerpiece for all of this, how much of a toll will it take? It's sure to be a fun trip to the end.


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(continued) to understand her loneliness. I also worry about the upcoming battle with the Garuda, in that the fae don't seem to care too much, and don't seem to want to prepare, they just keep feeding into the anger and hatred of one another, which only serves the Garuda.


I enjoyed most of this episode, though I agree that something is seriously wrong with Nadia...she is just too creepy for words, and the way that she clings to Lauren is also just bizarre and kind of nasty. And I say that as a person who is not at all a fan of Lauren as a character or the actress who plays her, but even I wouldn't wish such a suffocating relationship on the doctor, who seems weaker every episode, as if the relationship she has wanted is enervating her. And I feel terrible for Dyson, who is circling the drain lately.I,too, found that scene with Hale's sister hot, until Hale showed up, but still, I think that the sister should have taken some of the heat for that since she literally threw herself at Dyson who is, after all, only a man/wolf, and what man can turn down a quickie? I seriously hope he gets his love back from the Norn SOON, before he totally ruins himself. And poor Kenzi! I think things are going to go south with Nate soon, and she will only have Hale to understand her loneliness.


This episode isn't my favorite but it was ok. I still have hope that Kenzi and hale will be together and even after seeing the whole season already and everything that happens I hope they'll be together at some point there great together.


I think this show became a victim of it's own success and what appears to be a curse of extending the series. Both Dyson and Lauren take considerable hits in terms of characterization and yet were supposed to believe both are still sympathetic and righteous characters battered by circumstance. Well, whatever ship you follow you probably believe this and see the other as a heinous liar and irredemable character. Kenzi is the touchstone of the series, a thief and streetwise sidekick who never put a foot wrong, weird that but true. Did not like this episode but like Kenzi/Hale over Kensi/Nate.


This episode was OK; it was good to finally get more background on Hale and his family history. I've always enjoyed the Hale-Kenzi friendship but I don't see them in a romantic relationship. Not that I find the the Kenzi-Nate relationship that exciting either. Kenzi's need to hide things from Nate ends up stifling her personality whenever she's around him. Dyson was his usual brooding self (seriously, when are they going to give this guy his love back???), but I have to admit that the scene with Hale's sister was pretty hot.....until Hale showed up, of course, then it was just awkward.


If Nadia is The Garuda or is infected by him, then there is no cure for her. Pretty sure the show already established that. In 2.10, The Ash took down someone because he felt someone was taking over him. I wonder if Bo will be forced to kill her? That would certainly build another bridge between her and Lauren, unless Lauren somemhow pledges her to do it. I like the Fae mythology, but this episode completely bored me.

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