NCIS Season 10: First Footage!

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"This isn't about bombs or ships anymore. He hurt my family." - Gibbs

The season premiere of NCIS is less than one month away, and we have the first footage from "Extreme Prejudice" here, courtesy of a teaser that aired Thursday on Entertainment Tonight.

In the aftermath of the bombing, the emotionally and physically distraught team must pick up the pieces and hunt for the elusive suspect, Harper Dearing. It's clear that this is no ordinary case.

The whole team is back for the new season, but as Abby says, it's time to bring good back. From the looks of this first teaser, it looks like they will - and Dearing gets what's coming to him.

Check out the NCIS Season 10 sneak peek and comment on it below:

UPDATE, 9/11: Read our exclusive NCIS season premiere spoilers!

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As I was saying, her performance is directed by a director. If you get this upset about a character on television, perhaps you have bigger issues in your life that you need to address.


I really do not understand the extreme hatred of Tiva. We, Tiva lovers, have waited patiently for something to occur for the past 7 seasons and have not refused to watch because things haven't gone our way. Really, do you think that this group of excellent writers wouldn't know how to write for Tiva scenes while not compromising the integrity of the show? People need to relax and take it for what it is-a tv show that is very entertaining. Even if Tiva doesn't happen, I am still going to watch the program. It amuses me the people who throw hissy fits and say that they will refuse to watch because two characters get together. With over 20 million viewers a week, I think the few Tiva haters that don't watch anymore (even if they number one million) would not be missed! And to have so much hatred for a character is ridiculous. FYI, Ziva is not real, she is a character created and written by a writer and those flaws are written for her and directed in Cote's performance by a director. Calm down. If you get this upset by characters in a television show perhaps you have bigger issues that you need to address.


@michael 18million or 20million it is the most watched show so they must be doing something right.


@Janet Considering last season NCIS could not break pass 18 million and NCIS is now the 5 most watch show according to TV guide I think its safe to say people are getting sick of Tiva.


@charli i think 2o million or more viewers will survive if you stop watching


I am soooooo excited for the new season. And while I didn't see McGee/ Sean in the video clip I am not worried one bit. And not to encourage a fight but I am puzzled why some don't think Gibbs's team isn't family. I will give you it's not a traditional family but other than that... please explain.


I'm really excited for the season premiere. Admittedly, the will-they-won't-they dynamic between Tony and Ziva is what pulled me in to NCIS originally. Of course, now I enjoy all the other aspects of the show as well, but naturally I still like some Tiva now and then. :) And while I'd love to see an actual relationship between those two characters, it's a delicate thing for writers to pull off. They need to make sure the characters don't turn into completely different characters as a result. And if they just have Tony and Ziva go straight from friends to a couple, it probably won't work. They should just acknowledge what they have ( if indeed they have anything) and ease in from there. If it's all lust and sex, I think the writers will find it hard to write the relationship for very long. But that's just my opinion...:)


@charli God bless you


Wow charli, don't hold back. Tell us how you really feel. Just teasing. I feel the same way.


Geez, just the thought of TIVA makes want to vomit! if the show ends up going that way, the will have lost this viewer for sure. I'm hoping that they put that teaser in as a way to pull in the Tiva-ites and slam them with something totally different ...only wish they would have killed ziva off...would be a better show without her arrogant bitch attitude.

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