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NCIS | When Season 10 opens on Sept. 25, two hours will have passed since the May finale ended with a bang. Tony and Ziva have spent that entire time trapped in an elevator — and they will remain there a bit longer, as they “emotionally connect,” says showrunner Gary Glasberg, adding: “I look forward to what’s coming up for them.” As does Coté de Pablo, whom I asked about the season-opening quality time. “Every single time Michael [Weatherly] and I work together, and especially when we haven’t seen each other in a long time, we really enjoy the chemistry,” the actress says. “It comes back in waves, and if you’re smart enough to capitalize on it, you’ll start writing for it.” So is this the season NCIS goes there with “Tiva”? “I don’t know if they’re going to go there,” de Pablo winks, “but they’re definitely going to explore, which I love. It’s such a fun relationship to explore.” Alas, it may not be all fun ahead for the gorg’ NCIS agent. Says Glasberg, “There will be a big sort of turn — an unexpected reveal — for Ziva about halfway through the season.”


A little Tiva won't hurt anything so I don't really care if they go there or not. However, GG talks out his behind most of the time with these teases so I wouldn't get too excited either way. Half of what he talks about never happens. His job is to get people to tune in, and it's crap like this that makes that happen.


As long as they don't bring Jamie Lee Curtis back...........

They know fans want Tony and Ziva together so I think there's no doubt it will happen sooner or later.........I actually think I'm more interested in what Ducky's story will be.........

Season 10 won't be the last.....FYI they just resigned Michael Weatherly, Sean Murray and Pauley Perrette for season 10 AND 11..........


I guess its true that NCIS writer are runing out of ideas maybe season 10 should be the last


It'll be interesting to see what these "moments" are and how they will bring Tony and Ziva closer together. I'm glad that they are finally moving in the direction of bringing them closer. I can't wait to see how this attack on NCIS will affect all of the characters.

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