NCIS Show-Runner Hints at Tiva Taking Things "Further"

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It looks like Tiva worshippers may finally get their wish ... or at least come closer to it.

NCIS executive producer Gary Glasberg tells TV Guide that we may see things progress to a new level between Tony (Michael Weatherly) and Ziva (Cote de Pablo) in Season 10.

One way or another, post-bombing trauma may bring the duo closer than ever.

Anthony and Ziva

"The elevator scenes are so good," Glasberg says of the opening episode, which finds them trapped after Richard Schiff's Harper Dearing detonated a car bomb outside NCIS HQ.

"[Tony and Ziva] can't help but be affected by this in a certain way, and they will continue to reach out to each other because of the connection they have as friends and as coworkers."

"There are definitely 'moments.' I'd like to take things a little further along than we have [in the past]."

What do you think those moments will consist of? Or should consist of? Do you want one of TV's most buzzed-about will-they-or-won't-they couples to finally go there?

Sound off on all things Tony, Ziva and NCIS in the comments below ...

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Tony and Ziva all they way!


This Aja character. Is a hoot who do you think you are a producer or do
you work for tmz what gives this is a forum. For posting. Comments


I don't want to see Tony and Ziva getting together. It's been the kiss of death for many series. If they do get together, I'm finished with the series.


OMG i loved the season finale. I am so excited for whats to come for Tiva. I really hope that the elevator scene will bring them closer together as ever.


i hope they show the season final of last season,b4 they start the new season,,lookin 4ward 2 the new season,i hope they can come up with enough ideas 2keep the show goin 4 awhile,i just love this show,my #1 show,even the 1s that r rewinded,,go!!NCIS!!;)..


They hook Sara And Grisome up and then the show went to hell


What happened on CSI, Michael? Just curious!


Im sorry but after what the shipper have done to CSI can you really blame people for not liking it


Michael, the whole damn point of the show is that ALL of these people have problems and are not perfect and are heavily flawed. In spite of that, they rise above it all, pull together, and solve cases. They function together as a team. ALL of them. Try to understand that, if not now, then sometime down the road, okay?


Whoever said that does not support Toni ziva? She can not live without Toni from Janeth has shown over here ... and Toni did not return with Wendy he loves Ziva

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