NCIS Show-Runner Hints at Tiva Taking Things "Further"

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It looks like Tiva worshippers may finally get their wish ... or at least come closer to it.

NCIS executive producer Gary Glasberg tells TV Guide that we may see things progress to a new level between Tony (Michael Weatherly) and Ziva (Cote de Pablo) in Season 10.

One way or another, post-bombing trauma may bring the duo closer than ever.

Anthony and Ziva

"The elevator scenes are so good," Glasberg says of the opening episode, which finds them trapped after Richard Schiff's Harper Dearing detonated a car bomb outside NCIS HQ.

"[Tony and Ziva] can't help but be affected by this in a certain way, and they will continue to reach out to each other because of the connection they have as friends and as coworkers."

"There are definitely 'moments.' I'd like to take things a little further along than we have [in the past]."

What do you think those moments will consist of? Or should consist of? Do you want one of TV's most buzzed-about will-they-or-won't-they couples to finally go there?

Sound off on all things Tony, Ziva and NCIS in the comments below ...

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AJA i would love to have a serious discussion if you would stop all the hate for one person which you write in each comment you make.


The final sentence should read "It doesn't affect them one way or the other."


@AJA So if a certain portion of the audience is attracted to "Mary Sues" and "Marty Stues" and the like, and the show continues to have the high ratings that it enjoys, and Cote's Q Rating is only a little bit behind that of Pauley's, your point is what? You may think Ziva is a "Mary Sue" and hate the character for that reason. It would appear that you are very much in the minority, both for thinking she is a "Mary Sue" and for thinking that it makes much of a difference in the scheme of things. The writers enjoy writing for the character. People enjoy watching the character. The producers and network executives have no problem with the character and like the job Cote has done in playing the character. I disagree with you that she is a "Mary Sue", anymore than Gibbs is a "Marty Stu". But even if she were, so what? For the overwhelming majority of the people who watch the show, it makes no difference in their enjoyment in watching it. They simply don't care. It doesn't affect them one way or the other.


@AJA Actually, a number of us who like the character of Ziva thought that was a crazy thing to do, making her birthdate that of 1982. They might as well of just given her Cote's birthdate of 1979. And yep, that crams a wad of stuff into a short amount of time. Just like so many important events of Gibbs' life were crammed into the year 1991. Now, that year seemed like a long one to me at the time it took place, but that said, there realistically is no way that everything that was supposed to have happened to Gibbs that year could have happened. But then I stop and remember that it's a fictional TV show, and then I realize that fact speaks for itself.


Janet - no not really, but again, your posts seem limited to making personal comments about posters rather than the show itself. You seem to personalize whatever is said about these fictional characters and respond by complimenting or insulting the poster more than their posts. What about a civilized discussion forum designed to discuss various aspects about NCIS don't you understand?


AJA looks like there is a bit of jealousy going on with you and the fictional charactor ziva.


And to janet - aside from her good looks, a big part of the reason that Ziva is popular is that she is a Mary Sue and this type of fantasy character is exactly the type of character who is attractive to certain viewers.


Let's see - Ziva supposedly came to NCIS when she was 22. As a child it has been stated that she took piano, dance, and that her mother removed her at some point to get the children away from Mossad, so it doesn't sound like she spent her entire childhood being trained as a Mossad officer. As a matter of fact she stated that after Tali was killed, she volunteered. Let's go down that skill set list - expert sniper, master kiddon fighter, bomb diffuser and expert, car mechanics expert, lock picking expert, knows 5 - no that's right 10 languages (she acquired 5 of those in the space of two years - miraculous!!), and is a high ranking Mossad agent. Since in Israel children are required 2 years of sone kind of military service, Ziva has a college degree, she has mention undercover work in the middle east, and Jenny mentioned how Ziva saved her doing undercover work in Europe. All of this before she came to NCIS at the tender age of 22. Mary Sue much?


ziva never was nor never will be a mary sue.she is one of the most popular charactors on a tv crime show that came out of u.s.a.And the few haters of ziva should stop moaning and move on.


Know what you mean about that edit button friend. My final comment to AJA was that one person's "Mary Sue" or "Marty Stu" is another person's well written, multifaceted character. I'm sorry, but to those who may truly believe that Ziva is a "Mary Sue", it would appear that the majority of the viewers of the show and its fandom disagree.

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