NCIS Show-Runner Hints at Tiva Taking Things "Further"

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It looks like Tiva worshippers may finally get their wish ... or at least come closer to it.

NCIS executive producer Gary Glasberg tells TV Guide that we may see things progress to a new level between Tony (Michael Weatherly) and Ziva (Cote de Pablo) in Season 10.

One way or another, post-bombing trauma may bring the duo closer than ever.

Anthony and Ziva

"The elevator scenes are so good," Glasberg says of the opening episode, which finds them trapped after Richard Schiff's Harper Dearing detonated a car bomb outside NCIS HQ.

"[Tony and Ziva] can't help but be affected by this in a certain way, and they will continue to reach out to each other because of the connection they have as friends and as coworkers."

"There are definitely 'moments.' I'd like to take things a little further along than we have [in the past]."

What do you think those moments will consist of? Or should consist of? Do you want one of TV's most buzzed-about will-they-or-won't-they couples to finally go there?

Sound off on all things Tony, Ziva and NCIS in the comments below ...

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Can we all just accepted that Tiva is as bad as the H/P and the Gara shipper and move on


In fiction a Mary Sue is a character who is overly perfect, tragic, beautiful, often unrealistically young for the skills they possess, miraculously acquires new skills on the spot or magically increases existing skills, loved and admired by all, overly perfect, and righteously superior. The character is considered to be a product of wish fulfillment. So I, and others, use the term to describe Ziva even though she is a tv fictional character, because it most succinctly describes what SB turned her into. Although I think that she was a flawed character from the start, DPB did not create a Mary Sue. That came later. It was quite obvious that SB fanwanked Ziva at Tony's expense, as Tony's IQ and skills were diminished at the same time that Ziva became a Mary Sue. Don't know if it's wish fulfillment on SB's part, but she's still a Mary Sue IMO. Mary Sues cheese up stories with their saccharine sweet over played wonderfulness.


@Michael and to any body else who would like to make a comment Oh where did you hear about one of Tony's old Girlfriends is coming back?, Wendy came back last season and nothing happened, Can't believe writers are going back down that road again, are they running out of ideas, anyway if it does happen there is going to be a lot of sad Tiva fans.


@AJA when posts are complete lies yes i attack.


Now, as I understand the definition of the term "Mary Sue" or "Marty Sue", or whatever the term is for the male equivalent, these types of characters are supposed to be the writer's way of inserting themselves into the storyline. So, are we saying here that DPB, the creator of the character "Ziva", was inserting himself into the storyline as a female Mossad agent/ assassin?


@janet - I think that the fanwanking and the turning of Ziva into a total Mary Sue and the diminishing of Tony so that Ziva could always shine is boring, formulaic, mediocre, and unimaginative. And yes, I express my opinions in this forum created for fans to be able to express their opinions on the show. I however janet, don't attack other posters for having opinions that differ from mine, because I realize, that in the REAL world, differing opinions are a fact of life and not necessarily a bad thing. Your posts on the other hand are pretty limited to either congratulating posters who share your views or insulting those who don't. So what's up with you?


Unless and/or until DPB comments on what he thinks about how NCIS and its characters are handled these days, any guesses on his opinions on how the characters are being written are just that -- guesses. As he is the one who created and introduced the character of Ziva, and as it was his intention for the two of them to eventually enter into a relationship, I would say he would have no problem with it finally happening. What he would say or think about how it is being handles would, again, be just supposition and nothing more.


If you doubt what I am saying is true Michael and/or Matt, here's what you do: go Google "Why Donald P. Belsario Left NCIS". Near the bottom of the first page you will see TV Guide articles written by Michael Ausiello, the first dated April 24th, 2007, the second dated May 6th, 2007. Everything that I mentioned is contained in those articles. Now, it must be said that Aussie is sometimes a little -- well, over the top. Nevertheless, I have never heard anybody contradict the substance of what he said in these stories about the situation. Nor have I read anything where any of the outline of the situation has been challenged. So, I would rate the accuracy of his reports on this situation as being quite high.


janet is right there was no Jenna Tony love was Jeanne not Jenna in less there are bring up a girl from his past we never heard of. Tony loves was Jeanne and Wendy


Oh, NCIS Los Angeles was given to Mark Harmon???? Who knew???? Last time I checked, it was Shane Brennan's project. Like SAM us evidence of anything and everything that has been said by Mark Harmon, Michael Weatherly, Lauren Holly, etc. That's all we want, is for you to actually show us the links so we can see for ourselves.

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