Pretty Little Liars Review: Cabin Fever

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This was definitely the night for yelling at the television screen. From Spencer's close call in the locker room to Emily's ill-advised kiss with Nate, I couldn't help but shout at the Pretty Little Liars during some of the tensest moments onscreen.

"What Lies Beneath" begins to draw the mystery of Maya's killer to a close. With only two more week's until the summer finale, it's about time that we can cross some names off the very long list of suspects.

Hanna and Emily Investigate

After last week's unsatisfying round of the Kahn game, Spencer wanted more answers from Noel. Confronting him didn't seem to get his attention, but searching through his locker apparently worked. As Spencer watched the surveillance footage that was possibly sent by Noel, Hanna and Emily went to the cabin to look for whatever it was Maya wanted to share with Emily the night she died.

The two found a hidden room, which was obviously Maya's hangout when she ran away from home because her bag was there with an unused bus ticket. They might have found more pieces to the puzzle in that bag or in the room, but A decided to remind them that they were still very much in danger. Emily managed to get the two of them out, and Hanna somehow stabbed herself in the leg (another yelling at the screen moment!). The two found some interesting clues in that cabin, but Spencer's video footage proved to be the most helpful.

So, just what did the surveillance video prove? Well, apparently Garrett wasn't the last person to be seen with Maya alive because by the time she disappeared, he was already at Spencer's house. Noel and Jenna are in the clear as they had just entered the cabin when a mysterious someone grabbed Maya from behind. So, who was it? Wren, Ezra, Nate, Holden, Caleb, Toby... or Paige? 

Each of these characters appear to be suspects for the big betrayal, but who do you think it was?

Wren is highly suspicious to me. When Hanna tried to tell him that they couldn't get involved, he didn't seem too discouraged. He took advantage of the opportunity to spend time with her while he stitched up her wounded leg, making her dinner out of the questionable ingredients in her refrigerator. Wren's interest in Hanna, like his interest in Spencer, is just a little too convenient. Or maybe he just genuinely likes Hanna. But Hanna is wisely keeping her distance from him while also trying to keep her relationship with Caleb a secret from everyone.

Aside from all the trouble with the Kahn cabin and Wren's continuing advances on Hanna, there was another tense and frustrating scene between Emily and an increasingly unhinged Nate. He'd responded aggressively to Jenna earlier at the cafe and came by to explain that Maya's death was having a much more intense affect on his life than he thought. Emily was empathetic, having spent most of this summer season grieving for Maya. And then Nate kissed Emily....what?!?

It wasn't so surprising that Nate kissed her, especially since he has flirted pretty heavily with Emily. But it was shocking that Emily let it go on for so long. Plus, Nate's anger at Jenna and his aggressiveness with Emily make him even more suspicious.

And then Paige saw the two of them kissing! She looked incredibly pissed and despite her illness excuse, Emily seemed to sense that something was up. This scene not only made me upset with Emily for both leading on Nate and disappointing Paige, but it made me realize just how intense Paige can be. Could she be A?

On a brighter note, I loved the interactions between Zack and Ella! They seemed to complement each other perfectly, and now that Ella has decided to date him exclusively, their relationship should be fun to watch in the coming weeks.


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What if Ali was Maggie?? And Ezra and his mom killed Ali? Just a thought. So bored of Aria and Ezra where's Jason he was so much more interesting!! I don't like celeb I like wren I hope wren isn't a. Please bring back Jason and don't let wren go!!


I find Nate to be extremely suspicious. Remember when Maya said something about someone stalking her. That's definitely him. He comes out of nowhere, pretends to be her close cousin. The way he acted with Jenna was creepy, he seems emotionally unstable and can't handle rejections of any sort. I bet he's the one who killed Maya.


I love Wren! I think I would like him with anyone but I think him and Spencer make the most sense. And, yes, where is Jason??? He needs to come back and save Aria from her boring relationship with Ezra! Def either Nate or Paige killed Maya!


I just want some answers now, I think the whole show is dragging it out a bit.. Ezra seriously needs to get his act together, he's just annoying me with his distant behavior towards Aria. I like that Ella is more on screen, she is just so fun! And where is Jason?


I just hope they don't make A Toby because everone would see that coming just like with Mona. I hope it's Ezra I'm so sick of him and Aria getting pushed in our faces all the time. It's like the Ezra Aria show and everthing else is 2. It is VERY creepy that Wren has gone after Spencer and Hanna now.


I did not like the Emily and Nate kiss and J still don't trust him. I thought the liars was also being kind of stupid last night. I am loving Noel and Jenna more and more. I do not like Wren and wish he will stay away. I cannot wait for next week.


I really hate how everyones hating on Emily because she kissed Nate. People arent just 'straight' or 'gay' as much as they think they might just be one or the other, and poor Emily must be way more confused than the rest of us are by the situation.


I think paige is apart of the A team or killed maya killing maya is the only way paige could have ever been with emily she is just a rebound anyway, wren need to date girls that are in their 20s he kissed hanna once and now he just seem whipped, ezra storyline I don't really care about, I like the zack and ella scenes and I knew sooner or later nate&emily would have kissed and they did I think nate is just reminding emily of maya.

Saad khan

Did anyone else felt bad for poor Wren :-( Awwww..


I love wren and hanna they are so cute together and they are both so good hearted. I think maya and ali's killers were A.

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