Private Practice to Give Addison Which "Happy Ending?"

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On September 25, Private Practice will kick off its sixth and possibly final season.

But while the fate of this ABC drama is unknown, the future of its main attraction was made clear in May: Kate Walsh will depart the series after its subsequent 13 episodes.

How will Addison be written out? Shonda Rhimes told TV Line during a recent set visit that she changes her mind on a weekly basis, but the "character deserves a happy ending" of some kind. Hmmm.... okay then...

Addison at Work

How might we send Dr. Montgomery into the smiling sunset? Who will she end up with? Where will she go? With so many possibilities, let’s start speculating:

  • Addison chooses Jake. With Baby Henry in tow and their bags packed, they finally take that trip to Fiji as a family. They eventually settle down somewhere much quieter than L.A. and open a joint practice with their combined specialties.
  • Addison ends up with Sam. After all, Private Practice Season 5 did conclude with Sam proposing. They both decide that they need a fresh, start from Seaside Wellness and move back to Addison’s Connecticut hometown. 
  • Mark Sloan survives on Grey’s Anatomy - with Addie’s help - and she realizes how important Mark is to her and she decides to start the next chapter of her life with McSteamy.
  • What if it’s just about Addison and Henry? She finally visits Naomi in New York and realizes how much she misses and needs her best friend. She and Henry end up as neighbors to Naomi, Fife and Betsy.

What do you think? What do you want?

Sound off now with your theory on how Private Practice will say goodbye to Addison and also vote in our poll: Should the show continue without her?


I don't have any idea who Addie might choose, if anyone at all, but I am fairly certain that it won't be Mark because she saves his life. It may just be me...But that scenario simply doesn't work. How on Earth is it even a viable concept? Mark isn't injured in any way that would necessitate a surgeon in Addie's field of specialty.
Jake, Sam, east coast...Those are all very viable scenarios. But Mark? Uh uh.


I think that Addy deserves a dream send off and that is with Jake. Sorry Sam, I think it is time for PPP to say goodby if the main character is leaving. I really enjoyed this show and have been a fan since day 1 I hope all of the characters, get a good send off. It helps to have things settled for the viewers.


ADDISON and SAM all the way!! End the last season with them married and happily raising Henry! No more Private Practice. Without Kate Walsh it could never be the same or pull the viewers. I love Cooper and Charlotte and Sam/Taye is woo fine but they could not carry the show. Done!


ADDISON and SAM all the way!! End the last season with them married and happily raising Henry! No more Private Practice. Without Kate Walsh it could never be the same or pull the viewers. I love Cooper and Charlotte and Sam/Gaye is woo fine but they could not carry the show. Done!


kate: go back to seattle please...idk if you read these cause you probs have something better to do but seriously if you go back to greys i cant imagine anything more promising to your fans because we don't want to lose you... shonda combine the two shows this way everyones happy you've lost characters n both so jus put them all together.


I cant stand with Sam. I agree with "de". he always want to ruin when she's happy. he don't want henry, he will leave them when he is tired. Don't have chemistry. Jake and Addie have also a story please. And I think that must continue it !!!!!


@PP_Fan - Your guesses are as good as mine. Last season was one of my favorites, and I'd like for the spark to continue. I'm hoping the doctors are involved in unique cases and that their personal lives continue to change. It's always fun watching the characters grow individually, professionally and even as families.


I personally like any of the options, but Addison being single always sounded right to me. She is so independent.


I have note many things that show that jake is a nice boy but it has the same place than pete :
- she says that she loce sam in episode 16
- she also go back together
- pete try to show to jake that addison and jake are in love
- sam compromise for her the last and also engage
- she could not flirt with him when same see them
Now that sam take the next level it is good. Why she won't say with sam because he do not want
jake will understand and let them.


Addison better get a happy ending with her cute baby boy. If she leaves with a man, I guess I would pick Sam because they are have a history.
I don't care what happens to the show afterwards because I'm not watching without Kate.


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