Rookie Blue Review: Over His Head

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It was "Every Man" for himself on Rookie Blue this week, as the officers found themselves in over their heads when a simple booking went horribly wrong.

The fun of this episode was seeing each character's point of view as events unfolded. Each glimpse of the day revealed another piece of the puzzle that ended with Elliott dead on the floor.

Prisoner with a Gun

I felt for Elliott in the end. He made several stupid decisions in fear of going back to prison and now his daughter will never have the chance to know him. From the moment he pulled that gun his death seemed inevitable, but it was also truly sad.

A series of bad decisions that led to this tragedy, starting with Gail's failure to pat down the suspect. But with a fellow officer calling for help, I think she was the least to blame.

Unfortunately, everyone assumed that someone else had followed protocol. Dov was angry and bleeding. Frank was irritated at his officers and Chris was flustered and distracted. Every one of them could have stopped this disaster from happening if they had only taken the time to follow the rules.

Now it looks like Gail will be taking the blame for it. Did she fall on her sword and confess because she thought as a Peck she'd get off easy and in doing so she'd protect her fellow officers? I think so, but things obviously didn't go as planned. Even a Peck comes under fire sometimes.

As for all of the distractions, the biggest belonged to Chris. Three years after their breakup Denise showed up at his work to spring his child on him.  Really? She couldn't have called him and set up dinner? She had to haul the kid down to the police station at the beginning of shift and then act affronted when Chris couldn't drop everything to talk to her?!?

She waited three years. Pretty sure she could have waited until after he got off of work.

I was also very worried for NIck. Showing up for work drunk sounds like someone who has a drinking problem. Hopefully this was a one time event due to his grief over his buddy. He got lucky that his fellow cops, especially Andy, were there to save his butt.

As for Andy, I was proud of her. When Sam found her saying he wanted to make sure she was okay, Andy shot back in this Rookie Blue quote...

That's not your job anymore. | permalink

Then she kept walking and didn't look back. Maybe seeing that Andy is strong on her own will wake Sam up to what he's throwing away. 

With only one episode left this season, he'd better figure it out quick.


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Did anyone else catch that near the end of the episode, the guy with the gun was named Elliot Benson? Does that have anything to with Law & Order, or is it just one of those TV names?


I agree stop playing with us get Andy and Same back together! If they don't I don't think I am going to watch next season!

Sarah silva

This was another fantastic episode. For me I think if any one was the most to blame it is Gail. Yes there was lots going on at the end of the football game and they had to handle 3 guys, however she should have patted him down. Andy too heard Dov call for help but she quickly patted down her guy. I know Gail assumed she would get off easy but I think she will be supsended. I also have a feeling she will hook up with Sam..just this bad feeling I have. I feel bad for Nick, eventhough he had the funny moments. I am team Sandy but I think I would not mind Nick and Andy for a bit.
I think Denise was wrong in bringing Christian to the station she really should have waited until he was off work, she had to know a bombshell like that is not something you drop on someone when they are at work! I do not like Denise from what we have seen of her!


"Every Man" was one of the best of many great episodes, thus far. I will agree that Andy and Sam had great chemistry which needs to be revived in later shows. Getting back to this episode, I have long marveled at how accurately the writers, directors, and actors, portray the limitless little F' ups which occur for any real police rookie due to misunderstanding and other miscommunications. This one was no exception. The woman from IA was incredibly detestable (really, she played that part SO well) with her catty, mentally sadistic, comments and baiting. Did she really work in Internal Affairs at one time? She had that down, perfectly! Great episode from a great show!


Ambivalent toward this episode. On one hand it was interesting to see what they are doing with the characters with one episode to go. And the episode was well crafted with the "Rashomon" style of viewing the same scene from multiple viewpoints. But really there is better security at the Mayberry jail with Andy and Barney than at the 15 Division.


I don't really care one way or another about Sam and Andy's late relationship, but all I can say is this: Nick and Andy's friendship (and hopefully it stays that way, because even in Grey's Police Officers men and women ought to be able to have relationships that aren't romantic or sexual in nature) is equal parts hilarious and heartwarming and all around adorable, and I only wish we could've gotten more of it this episode.


This episode turned everything upside down. After all that mess we had: Jerry's death, Gail's abduction, Andy and Sam breaking up, Dov's struggle with himself regarding his new "girlfriend" (?) now comes this. This episode showed that they got careless in their job, they all got carried away with their personal life. Somehow I feel sorry for Chris. After 3 years his ex shows up with a 2.5 year old and not because that's the right thing to do but because she can't do it any more.
Gail lies about following protocol in order not to get in trouble.
Andy lies to protect Nick. Dov lies to protect himself.
Swarek maybe realizes he cares for Andy after all.


Well I am definately not going to STOP watching the show...its my favorite and anxiously wait all year for it. Do agree that they keep messing with us! I hate this thing with Chris cause I totally think he still belongs with Gail.
As for the comment that Swarek throwing it away wasn't true to his was the same with Chris and Gail. He stood up to her Mom on a couple of ocassions including in front of the department and came to be by her even though she could of been sick and dying with something. Then just because Dov kisses her hand when he is high, he dumps her and then forgives Dov and not Gail. They totally screwed that up and in no way was with what his character had been the last 2 seasons.
I think the


Totally proud of Andy too, you go girl!


Calm down everyone. The entire basis for the new love interest for Sam in s4 rumor is a casting call scene that leaked where a new character named Marlo flirts a little with Sam. His reaction wasn't part of the scene. For all we know, he has the same block of stone reaction he had to Gail in 102 when she threw her fake breathy "I felt so alone" routine his way.

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