Rookie Blue Review: Over His Head

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It was "Every Man" for himself on Rookie Blue this week, as the officers found themselves in over their heads when a simple booking went horribly wrong.

The fun of this episode was seeing each character's point of view as events unfolded. Each glimpse of the day revealed another piece of the puzzle that ended with Elliott dead on the floor.

Prisoner with a Gun

I felt for Elliott in the end. He made several stupid decisions in fear of going back to prison and now his daughter will never have the chance to know him. From the moment he pulled that gun his death seemed inevitable, but it was also truly sad.

A series of bad decisions that led to this tragedy, starting with Gail's failure to pat down the suspect. But with a fellow officer calling for help, I think she was the least to blame.

Unfortunately, everyone assumed that someone else had followed protocol. Dov was angry and bleeding. Frank was irritated at his officers and Chris was flustered and distracted. Every one of them could have stopped this disaster from happening if they had only taken the time to follow the rules.

Now it looks like Gail will be taking the blame for it. Did she fall on her sword and confess because she thought as a Peck she'd get off easy and in doing so she'd protect her fellow officers? I think so, but things obviously didn't go as planned. Even a Peck comes under fire sometimes.

As for all of the distractions, the biggest belonged to Chris. Three years after their breakup Denise showed up at his work to spring his child on him.  Really? She couldn't have called him and set up dinner? She had to haul the kid down to the police station at the beginning of shift and then act affronted when Chris couldn't drop everything to talk to her?!?

She waited three years. Pretty sure she could have waited until after he got off of work.

I was also very worried for NIck. Showing up for work drunk sounds like someone who has a drinking problem. Hopefully this was a one time event due to his grief over his buddy. He got lucky that his fellow cops, especially Andy, were there to save his butt.

As for Andy, I was proud of her. When Sam found her saying he wanted to make sure she was okay, Andy shot back in this Rookie Blue quote...

That's not your job anymore. | permalink

Then she kept walking and didn't look back. Maybe seeing that Andy is strong on her own will wake Sam up to what he's throwing away. 

With only one episode left this season, he'd better figure it out quick.


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Totally agree with the above posters! I really, really, really hope that they let Sam and Andy be together. Come on already -writers, producers whoever makes these decisions. I realize that it can't all be 'roses round the door' but why can't they just let one relationship progress? I do like this show but might have to give up if they keep playing with us like this. SAM AND ANDY BELONG TOGETHER!!!!


This episode was ok, but I feel this show has become only about work, do these cops really live at the station? I mean if you watch Gray's Anatomy the doctors go home and a lot of the episodes are about live at home! what the hell, Sam has wanted Andy since day one and they had the best tv chemistry and now blaaaaawwww nothing, really how is that possible. I know Sam is depressed with the loss of Jerry but this loan wolf thing is getting kinda patecic. With out Andy he has like only one friend! I NEED them back together and I NEED some Sam shirt off time with Andy!! I have to search the web and see if there is really going to be a new love intrest for Sam that would be so mean of the writers to do that to us, if they do their most loyal fan might have to find another show to watch! I really will be pissed if on the last episode we are left with Sam holding Andy's hads with a bomb in them and then they don't get back together, Sam needs to swoop her up in his arms kiss he deadly and tell her he is in love with her! All will be forgotten and we can all rest easy ove the winter months!


i thought it was a great episode but I am also very frustrated with this season. I dont like what they have done to Sam and andy. I know there has to be obstacles to keep the viewers watching but this is ridiculous now. For 2 years we watched swarek want andy and finally he gets her to throw it away..come on. I dont think the writers are being true to his character. Also, spoliers out there for next season are saying that new officer marlo cruz is goign to be a love interest for sam..if they are goign to play yoyo again and now have him with this new female character i hate to say this but i wont be watching the show anymore. I know i am not the only one that feels this way.


This season has been so frustrating to watch, no one made any personal progress or had any success without it immediately turn bad. Honestly, if I wanted all that Jerry Springer stuff I would watch his show. For heaven sake, give us some happiness in these poor people's lives. I'm rather happy this seasons over because I sure didn't want to know what further disasters were going to happen.

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