Secret Circle Actress, General Hospital Actor to Appear on 90210

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While we continue our push to cast Phoebe Tonkin on The Vampire Diaries, we have exciting news one of that actress' former co-stars.

Jessica Parker Kennedy - best known for portraying Melissa on The Secret Circle - will guest stars on Season 5 of 90210.

According to Deadline, the actress will appear on multiple episodes as "a girl next door who tells her story in group therapy." To whom? Which main character will be involved in her storyline? Take your best guess now!

Melissa, In Thought

Elsewhere, General Hospital veteran Jason Thompson has also been added to the cast... as a detective! On a major investigation! Again, let those theories fly! He'll debut on Episode 3.

90210 returns on October 8.

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It is obvious without a doubt she will have a major role with Dixon because as we all know he had a tragic accident that almost cost his life and for the fact that she appears as a detective adds more spice to the storyline. Directors please do not fuck up Dixon's storyline for this series and make interesting back in season1and 2 and involve a love triangle with Silver the detective and him and maybe Adrianna fighting for his love, now many fans will be thrilled to watch and maybe put a halt to your decrease of viewers every season just ask the fans writers about whether or not should you ponder the possibilities and of doing the four way love triangle i suggested i am sure people will say a hell yeah and you bet nickle of the fans loving the prospective dynamic it will bring to your show.


She'll either become a regular or reccur throughout the season or move on to another show within The CW.
No matter what crappy decisions the network makes with their shows, they do take care of their own. Most actors appear on multiple shows on the network.. JPK was popular on TSC so we will def see her on The CW for years to come.


Well I guess this might be a reason to watch the eps of 90210 that she's in. I kinda fell in love with her during The Secret Circle. I wonder what that nut job who owns the Save The Circle group page is gonna say about this.


She was the best of them on TSC. I'm happy to see that she's found something new.


She had the best ass outta all them Secret Circle dames.

Spindae 2o

She was my favorite witch! She really has talent! Hopefully this becomes a long term gig! :D


Dixon for the car crash or Silver the cancer gene.


I mean it's obvious that She is in the group with Dixon he surveys the car crash an might be traumatized she is his new love interest lol I think


god, why so many characters!?!
they cant even keep track of the current ones.. in every episode, each character has a totally different story line, why would you want to introduce more!
I, again, will watch it for AnnaLynne McCord. I felt in love with her in Season 1!


Fantastic to see Jason Thompson branching out! Wish it was a more serious show because he has some major acting chops, but a stepping stone is a stepping stone. I hope this means that he is leaving GH and his character is leaving with his returned, not-dead wife.

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Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.