Teen Wolf Review: Master Disaster

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At the end last summer, I said that "we may all be in for a whole lot of fun" in regard to Teen Wolf's second season. It's certainly safe to say that fun was had by all who watched this highly entertaining and very much improved season two.

"Master Plan" was a great end to the run, as it gave viewers highlights from most of our favorite characters, plenty of action towards the end, a few scares, a surprise or two - and a great tease of things to come in next year's super-sized season three.

Teen Wolf Season 2 Finale Pic

Teen Wolf did what it does so well over the first 30 minutes or so. It kept things tense while leading to an epic event. As the story progressed toward the battle royal, there was a lot of attempting to figure out what exactly was going on, and I was on the edge of my seat the entire way through.

Although the tension remained high, the moment between Stiles and Lydia in his room was so tender that it deserves its own mention. Holland Roden was fantastic. She really does prove to do more with a shiver than most can do with a five-minute monologue. Too bad for us Stiles fans, he pushed his 10-year plan back to a 15-year one due to his blow up late in the conversation.

Eventually the entire gang got together for the war... and it was awesome! Well, other than Gerard's "bringing Derek to meeeeeee" overacting and the fact that the kanima looked more like a kid in a lizard Halloween costume than ever before, it was awesome!

Watching the wolves take on the kanima for the final time was glorious. Seeing Chris get in on the action, and even Allison ripping it up, made it live up to the promise of a season finale.

Once Gerard took the floor, though, that's when things really got interesting. We finally got a confirmation on those dang pills he has been popping. Gerard was dying, a much slower version than most on this show, but he certainly was dying. The pills weren't a cure, so his master plan, if you will, was to become a wolf and let the supernatural elements heal his disease.

Oh, you poor old man. Why didn't you expect our boy Scott to outsmart you? Is it because you're so old? Or was it that you didn't expect much from that good for nothing teen? With the help of the vet, Scott did Gerard dirty, causing the bite to make him spit up copious amounts of black stuff (which was also a pretty awful effect).

Unfortunately, Gerard isn't definitively gone. He got away somehow, and if he survives this, I will be very upset. You shouldn't be able to come back from that.

Fortunately, Jackson isn't gone either. Although we questioned whether he was alive at the end of last week, and again a couple of times during this episode alone, getting a double slice from the Hale brothers only seemed to turn him from kanima to wolf. That transformation, by the way, was gorgeous. And that's not only because Colton Haynes' naked silhouette is a sight for sore eyes.

Now I welcome all explanations for why and how Jackson became a wolf at that point in time. He took the bite a while ago, it didn't work, and he somehow became the kanima. After an attempted transformation, and a couple of near deaths, a stab from both Derek and Peter sent him out of commission for a few minutes. He then rose again as a beautiful wolf. I'm all for it, because the flashbacks of his humane self were a breath of fresh air for the character, but I will wait eagerly for a clear explanation of why it all went down the way it did.

As exciting as the climax of the final battle was, the quazi-epilogue might have been even more interesting. Allison broke up with Scott and he was fine with it, the vet and the guidance counselor seem to be jumping into the game with both feet, and there is a pack of alphas in town to take out all of our favorite wolves.

It will be a long time before we get to witness all of that, but thankfully Teen Wolf will be doubled in size for season three. What story line are you looking forward to most? What was your favorite part of the season two finale? And what's your explanation for everything Jackson went through this summer?


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...Lastly, if it turns out that the Alpha's are coming to fight I see the Pack shaping up nicely. They're definitely going to need some help, but it depends on how strong the Alpha's are: if they're all Peter strong then the Pack is going to need major help, if they're all Derek strong then the Pack is better off. I mean Peter is the strongest being we've seen in the show (the Kanima doesn't count to me because Jackson didn't control himself) so if he gets up to even 75% of the strength he's a force. Derek and Scott are both heavyweights and should be good to go. Isaac is the fourth strongest and with help should become as strong as Scott at the end of Season 1. Jackson is the dark horse here. He could get into the tier with Derek and Scott, but until we see what he can do while being a Wolf the jury is still out.


I thought the Finale was great overall. There was some iffy writing and pacing issues, but the final product was a very nice episode. Hopefully the writers keep with the curve and make the next season even better than the one that just passed. Woo! Now to move on:
Stiles just keeps getting screwed over. I need something good to happen to him: girlfriend, vet apprentice, something. I don't know how much more Lydia needs to show that Stiles needs a sign: either shut him down or show him he has a chance. Sheesh. And I thought that if Lydia wasn't there for him, he'd get a shot with Erica but now we don't know what happened to her and Boyd (I think they'll be fine, but weirder things have happened).
Also, I have nothing against Jackson but he just gets everything handed to him. Now he gets his wish of being part of the Pack? Come on. I'm glad Allison is back to being her normal self, but I hope she keeps some of the edge, ie not being a damsel at all times. Though it took awhile, I think Isaac is going to be a great part of the show. It seems that he could be the third part to Scott/Stiles group especially since Allison seems to be out of the picture for the time being. Scott showed in this episode that he can be a leader and isn't as stupid as some make him out to be. I am worried about him and Allison though; I don't think the writers are going to let him be single so I think they'll introduce a new female character (maybe an Alpha?) that is going to connect with Scott....


I don't get what you guys are saying. I FREAKING LOVED this!!! Peter may be my new fave character. He's sassy!


@dewdrop...I know right, how funny was Peter this episode! made up for a lack of Stiles humour :(
I have loved every episode of this season, yeah there were some plot holes and unanswered questions but really, if you dont think about all that too much, its just a great show and so fun to watch. I can't wait for season three, especially seeing all the wolves togther! (I am now officially in love with Isaac

Allison berry barbieri

@Kim "I personally think that natural-born werewolves eyes are blue, and those who are turned are gold" Excellent theory!!!!! I do kind of think Jackson has always had some sort of genetic werewolf lineage from his birth parents and that is an interesting point based on Derek's eyes having been blue.....

Allison berry barbieri

I will admit I am super confused by some of the plot lines (Why did the Hales go after Jackson when he was clearly shifting back to human? Just how and when did that pill-switch plan go down? Why are Jackson's eyes that color? What is the breakdown of the packs again?)....I also think that the show is super entertaining and emotional and fun to watch. And Holland Roden and Dylan O'Brien are perpetually great actors, seriously. I know that there was some sort of caveat as for why Jackson was first a Kamina (an unnatural abomination caused by something in his past or whatever Derek said) but that there was something he had to do or go through to become a true werewolf....I just don't know what it was... I hope for some clearer answers next season. And I also want a better reason for Allison breaking up with Scott...plus does anyone else think Lydia took Jackson back just a little too easily considering how selfish he was with her?


I thought the finale was cleverly crafted. I wish the choreography for the last fight scene was a little better but it was still cool to see the 3 werewolves team up against the Kanima. Still wondering how and when Scott switched Gerard's pills. I'm assuming he had and exact duplicate of the pill case and made the switch when he picked it up off the ground. Then again how would he know Gerard would drop it. Oh well aside from that it was excellent episode. I thought "Fury" was the best, then this one, and then "frenemy". Can't wait till season 3. I wonder what role Jackson will play. Will Scott become an alpha and have Jackson, and Isaac join him? Will we find out the identities of Jackson's birth parents? Will Peter turn against Derek and have a master plan to take over? Can't wait.


As for Derek and his pack.. i don't get it either! If he was in such a hurry to buld his strength why did he turn 3 so weak characters if the coming danger is so big! Suriously he is my favourite and delightful to watch and even though i ve read that this season for Derek was for to make mistakes and learn what means to be an Alpha it was just a huge F! Poor writing! Last but not least, Peter Hale! Great addition for now-i don't remember him being that funny in S1 but then again! Not making any sense! He was the main antagonist and he was killed-why come back? to provide solution and answers? No he didn't! i don't know -a like Teen wolf and i will continue watching but i want some answer and logical plotlines! For now i am disappointed. All my favorite Supernatural shows have failed me.. Teen wolf and True blood! Thank god i still have The Vampire Diaries!


Scott. His mom found out and yet she was unrealistically cool in a way. His girlfriend lost it and broke up with him and again he was ok. His best friend was broken and yet he didn't care. Derek got isolated because he knew Scott was a double-agent and again Scott was fine. Because he had a plan! A plan we worked with the vet-we barely know who is- and his only explanation was ''You re not my Alpha''!
Allison's dad had the most convincing and logical motive for his actions and Allison in a way! But Gerard? The main villain against all the supernaturals and yet his master plan was what? To become what he spent a life fighting against! And why? Because of cancer! Lame and not rational!


I don't really know how i feel about the finale...and pretty much for the whole season. I'm just confused- Ok most of the episode were fun to watch and interesting but it was supposed to get cleared up in the finale- but it didn't. Jackson died and he was coccooned then alive&mighty then human again with lydia then dead by the hales and finally a werewolf! And all that without an explanation as to how! The characters seemed to understand what was going on but i didn't!!! Lydia was awesome but then again she was supposed to be clueless-how did she managed so well all these? And poor Stiles-he is so broken by all of it.

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