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The last two years of watching The Closer have all come down to "Armed Response."

Were you satisfied with the conclusion of one of the biggest story arcs ever to grace the major crimes department? While I didn't want it to be Ann because it seemed too easy for it all to fall onto an unknown after so many months of speculation, the way it went down felt pretty darn satisfying. 

Without a doubt we witnessed some of the best acting yet both Kyra Sedgwick and Corey Reynolds. It was a fitting final exploration of the friendship they forged years ago when she first stepped into Los Angeles. At the beginning, Brenda counted on Gabriel for nearly everything, and as time went on he learned to lean on her, as well. When she made the decision to dismiss his thoughts about leaving Terrell Baylor at a place they both knew would end in certain doom, their relationship fractured.

Brenda's Team Is Called In

It was never more apparent than during this episode just how integral the association of Brenda and Gabriel was to the success of the department. Together, they were the heart of major crimes. When Brenda said she couldn't do it without him, she genuinely meant it. What Gabriel set aside to stay and support her was a testament to everything that they had built together. So much trust, once lost and found again.

Not to say it wasn't touch and go. Pope and Raydor had hoped to find the leak and take care of the situation before Brenda returned from bereavement leave. Just like her first days in Los Angeles, Brenda was like a fish out of water wherever she went. She didn't feel comfortable with all the people mourning at her parents' house, she refused to go home to her own home where her mama had passed and they weren't ready for her to return to work. 

The looks on both Brenda's face and Gabriel's as he was called in to talk to Pope, Raydor and Taylor spoke volumes. Brenda was both shocked and disgusted. Gabriel looked like a child seeking his mother's approval. Should he go with them? Why was he being summoned?

I'm curious. For everyone who thought Gabriel might have intentionally been the leak, how did you feel once he was in that room with Ann? Gabriel's goodness was just oozing in those scenes. There really was not a mean-spirited bone in his body. It makes me want to cry to even think that someone could do such a horrendous thing to someone with such a good heart. Yes, I know it's a television show, but I feel like I knew the man! The ultimate insult, that Ann infiltrated his church to set up the sting, was like a dagger straight through his soul.

The reaction of the rest of the squad was quite interesting, as well. Rarely have we run into situations where Flynn and Provenza were on different sides of an argument but Flynn was one of the only holdouts not to quickly forgive Gabriel after his apology. Provenza made the most sense out of the situation:

Gabriel: I was not the leak.
Flynn: But you were the source.
Provenza: Unless you've never said anything stupid to a woman you were in love with, why don't you just stop what you're doing for a minute and let the man finish. | permalink

Brenda could hardly point fingers when sharing so much of her job with Fritz. Who wouldn't share their feelings with someone they loved? Who in their right mind would expect their significant other to be bought and paid for by an attorney trying to get information about your job? There's no way that could be anticipated.

With the exposure of the leak coming so quickly on the heels of the death of her mama, Brenda had to take a long hard look at what her life had become. Who she saw in the mirror wasn't someone she was proud to see. She cared more about her work than the people she loved. She had to admit that she listened more thoughtfully to murderers and rapists than she did to the people she cared about. Because of that behavior, she will never know the last thought her mother wanted to share with her, although she tried to tell her more than once.

Fritz can tell her to let it go, but that's something that will haunt Brenda until the day she dies: what did mama want to say to me? She may never forgive herself.

It will most likely be this new found understanding of herself that will bring her to leave the department. Pope made it clear that he already promised the City of Los Angeles that she would not become the next Assistant Chief and major crimes was only standing due to his deal to ensure Commander Taylor got the position. Gabriel is staying only so long as she needs him. We were promised that by the end of The Closer Phillip Stroh would be dealt with, so I expect next week to deliver us a kick ass finale where Brenda gets the closure she needs to move on in her life. 

What are you expecting of the finale? Did the leak arc end to your satisfaction? How much will you miss Brenda and Gabriel after watching this episode?!?!?


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Why, why, why is Kyra leaving the show???? She is the show and a damn good one at that!! I will certainly miss you! My heart breaks that the Southern Belle with such a High intelligence is leaving. Sincerely, Juliet M. Castille, originally from Louisiana


kittymyers, I agree with you 100%. However, what is that bus Brenda is always riding in during those commercials? We will find out tomorrow. Thanks.


Sorry i left this word out.Brenda will kill Stroh


The Closer is the best show ever on T.V.When Ann came in as David girlfriend ( lawyer), I told everyone that David would be the leask, without knowing he was the leak. Brenda, Provena, & Gabriel makes the show. Not sure if I will look at Major Crimes. This will happen on the 8/13/2012. Stroh is back, he will try to kill or rape Brenda, (she will be saved by Gabriel), Stroh will kill Gabriel, Brenda will Stroh. With the death of her mother & Gabriel, she can't deal with it anymore, she will leave her husband behind until he can transfer to Atl.FBI. THE END


I can't imagine that the show would be so utterly stupid as to arrest Brenda in the very last episode. That kind of a storyline is a first episode, not the final one of the entire series. And especially not for its main character who is beloved by its viewers.


I think Brenda talking Gabriel into staying will result in his death in the line of duty in the next episode. Killed By Strohl. Brenda will then kill Strohl but she will go over the edge and she will resign her position because of the responsibility she feels for what has happened.


I agree with Garnetstar. From the comercials I have seen, it looks like the lawyer-rapest attacks Brenda in her kitchen and she (possibly) shoots him, perhaps not by the book. Pope and Taylor are shown in one segment negotiating with Raydor to take Brenda's position, then we see Brenda riding in a bus (a transport bus to jail or prison?). I have a feeling Brenda might get arrested for shooting Stroh and that's how they write her off the show. I hope I am wrong. I would hate to see the show end on such a terrible note. They could have ended it in so many fun ways. They could have demoted Pope and the last scene of the show, the new chief could walk in his office and it could have been Kevin Bacon.


Did anyone else notice the looks that were shared when Gabriel left Brenda’s office after he offered to resign, and she begged him to stay? Brenda made self-incriminating comments to Gabriel by saying she was the one that made the decision to leave Baylor and she was the one that was responsible for all that happened to Baylor. She handed back his shield and weapon. Gabriel steps out into the murder room, shares a particularly interesting nod with Provenza as he clips his shield back on his belt. Others make eye contact and nod as though confirming that a mission was accomplished. Could it have been that Gabriel recorded Brenda’s statements?? Could the hidden microphone been attached to the shield? If so, did Gabriel and others on the squad conspire to elicit these statements from Brenda to use it against her? Or, were they forced to do so by Pope? I think there was something more to that exchange between Brenda and Gabriel than just a private conversation. I surely hope that Gabriel and other squad members did not wllingly get Brenda to incriminate herself. I eagerly await the final episode to see what happens.


I loved this episode. I was glad that David was not the back stabber the writers let us to believe. However, he was a little foolish, but we all talk to our spouses about work stuff. No matter who you are or what position you are in. I'm glad Provenza was the one who pointed that out. I like Sanchez, but he is no angel, and he should be a man and realize that David was played. If Brenda could forgive, then so should Sanchez. I agree that Brenda will always be haunted by not talking to her mother when she had the chance. We all have regrets when someone dies, whether we have done everything we could or not. The last scene was heartbreaking, and again fantasically played by a great actress. I will truly miss this show.


What if, Brenda, determined to get Stroh off the streets, decides to do something else questionable that works, but that finally gets her fired (or rather, let go)? Just a thought. I like the idea of her becoming chief of police! That would fit in with Pope deciding to leave, because he can't get over his resentment and work under her professionally. Ah well! We'll find out all too soon. I will really enjoy Major Crimes, especially if they keep the same writers.

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