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I KNEW IT! ::does a little dance:: Gabriel's girlfriend was the leak. Ha!


it felt like a cop out, like they didn’t know how to end it because they couldn’t bring themselves to making one of the team’s finest the leak and building up true motive.
i love the show and will miss it terribly, and though i am happy that non of our guys is the leak in the true sense of the word it doesn’t feel satisfying to me at all.


Sanchez was the only one who didn't accept Gabriel's apology, which was fitting for Julio's character. Next to Brenda, Sanchez has been my favorite. He was the only one who told her he didn't find fault with how she handled Terrell Baylor. I was moved by his concern for her when he told her:

Sanchez: Chief, Goldman is here, in this print shed, right now. Everything you say and everything that you do will get back to him. You need to follow up without us. When you're not sure you can trust, chief, don't trust anyone.

Brenda: But Julio, these people are my friends.

Sanchez: That's what JRock was thinking when he parked the car.

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