The Good Wife Season 4 Premiere: Who Fights the Law?

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Viewers will meet a number of fresh faces on The Good Wife Season 4 premiere.

Set for September 30, the installment will find the firm in deep financial trouble, while Alicia will find herself going up against a police officer and also dealing with a potential new client: Kalinda's ex-husband, Nick.

In what capacity? You'll need to tune in and find out. But you can enjoy an early look at the premiere, which is titled "I Fought the Law" and includes the debut of Nathan Lane as a trustee, by clicking through the following just-released photos from CBS...

Client Conference
Lockhart/Gardner Players
Kalinda at Work
A Dangerous New Client?
David Lee and Clarke Hayden
Fighting the Law
The Good Wife Season 4 Premiere Pic

The network has also released an official synopsis for the episode. It reads:

Alicia goes on the offensive when Zach is targeted by an overzealous state trooper. Meanwhile, after her ex-husband tracked her down in last season’s finale, Kalinda decides to stand her ground rather than continue hiding, and Diane and Will delve into the firm’s financial problem.

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Want to see Alicia with peter in this season!


I can't say anything more Jay has hit the perfect pitch, good going


While I agree that the office is a good source for the drama, this is the Good Wife. This show is about a strong woman who is a WIFE, MOTHER, and last but not least career woman. Her family is the most important thing to her and she needs to remain focused on that. To some she may have taken steps backward, but also real people understand that when you love someone and have a family and years invested you just don't walk away from that. Ultimately, she should keep that confidence and sense of self but not neglect the very core of who she is....a mother, a wife, and all that comes with it!!


She is back with her head on straight and will go back in for the pizza, and its about time.


I hope she DOES NOT go back in that house, season 3 started so strong with her being sexy and confident...and then she became guilt ridden, repressed and indecisive...even somebody I didn't want to root for anymore. Bring back the STRONG and determined Alicia from season 1 and 2!


I disagree with everyone Alicia should be herself and do what she wants not having everybody trying to lead her on. This show is about the Good Wife and Mother and the kids are a big part of it, its not about how manny times she has too get laided by the office. I think this will be the last season anyway for the show and in the end she will grow up and smell the flowers of life and put her family back together again.


Well, I agree with Melissa . at least it is not Grace *g*.
My two Cent about the last moments from Season 3, I think she will not go back in, and this has nothing to do with P/A or A/W in my opinion this is a Alicia thing. She took to many steps backward the last season, it is needed for her to go forward again. Even if she will be back with Peter, (what I would not prefer, but not the point here) she need to let go to be free and make a decision based on theat freedo, not of guild or old memories!


What about Alicia and Pete? The last season end with Alicia wondering if she goes or not to have dinner with them, right?


It looks like Alicia's hair looks better this season. Ahh, the important things:) And yes, I agree with Sal. The fact that Zach is featured in the synopsis of the season premiere is......but at least it's not Grace.


I hope the season provides as little of her children as possible. Also, the mother in law should be ignored as well. More focus on the office life please.