The Good Wife Round Table: "I Fought the Law"

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The Good Wife Season 4 opened with fights all around. The firm fought for its financial viability, Zach fought for his freedom and Kalinda literally fought her ex-husband.

Join in the discussion of "I Fought the Law" with TV Fanatic team members Christine Orlando, Carla Day, Matt Richenthal and, from the TV Addict, Tiffany Vogt. Sound off with your answers to these pressing questions below...


What was your favorite moment from the premiere?
Tiffany: I have to confess I kind of loved Zach's video mocking Officer Robb.  It was so inappropriate, but so richly deserved.  The cop was essentially framing people for crimes and it was great to have him so ruthlessly exposed.

Christine: For as little screen time as Cary got, I loved his quip about always being in time for the fall of Saigon. Very funny and so true. The poor guy can't catch a break.

Matt: Will and Diane realizing they were nearly played against each other and remaining their usual united front. There's really not a relationship like theirs on television, just two colleagues who respect and like each other and never entertain the notion of anything more.

Carla: Agree with Tiffany. Zach's video was hilarious. It showed that sometimes the law and political blackmail aren't the best means to a resolution, instead public embarrassment and pressure is the way to go.

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What do you make of Kalinda's reaction to her ex-husband's return?
Tiffany: Kalinda's in a really tough spot.  She knows her ex-husband is a very dangerous man and she is doing her darndest to play along and diffuse his anger. Kalinda has always use sex as a weapon and it is fantastic tool to get exactly what she wants. Right now, she needs this guy to think he is getting what he wants, then she'll strike.  It's a fine line, but she's playing it superbly.

Christine: So far it's a turn off. They seem to be trying to combine sexual tension with this twisted, abusive relationship. For the first time, Kalinda's scenes were my least favorite of the show.

Matt: Unexpected? Strange? Disappointing? The show sometimes tries too hard to make Kalinda into this ambiguous, sex-driven character and that effort was on display here. How did they end up in bed? Why did Kalinda lure him there? Why would she possibly still be attracted to this man in any way? I don't buy that she'd use her sexuality to manipulate in this case; she'd just use her glock.

Carla: I was looking forward to learning more about Kalinda's past, but his introduction and Kalinda's response was disappointing. Sure, Kalinda has used sex in the past to get what she wants, but it seemed very much out of character for her to fall into bed with him.

Is the Forfeiture Corridor situation over? Or, will it come back to be an issue for Zach or Peter?
Tiffany: I doubt the Forfeiture Corridor issue is gone.  Peter really stuck his neck in the noose to help his son out and now that kind of politics will certainly come back and bite him down the road on his campaign.

Christine: I'm sure it will come back to haunt both of them. As much as the cop was wrong, Zach is too cocky because of who his parents are. I'd love to see a situation they can't get him out of. And as the other attorney said, I'm sure Chicago has its own Forfeiture Corridor and that can be used to make Peter's life miserable.

Matt: It will haunt Peter like some sort of ghost dressed as a Forfeiture Corridor for Halloween. Politics is a messy business and even if his actual opponent is now on a different network, the path to Governorship won't be an easy one.

Carla: The other State's Attorney is definitely going to hold a grudge. I'm not sure how much damage he can do though. Cook County, Chicago in particular, is the power hub in Illinois. If Peter's political threat doesn't have any ramifications, that would seem dishonest to the story.

Will the Trustee end up being a friend or foe?
Tiffany: The Trustee may appear to be a foe initially, but I suspect that his true intent is to ensure Lockhart Gardner survives and if he has to press a few hot buttons to do it, so be it.  He played David Lee fantastically and he got Diane and Will to stick up for each other, which is exactly what their firm needs to survive.

Christine: Both and neither. He's there for the good of the firm. In this case that meant convincing David Lee to stay but I'm sure he'll make decisions everyone will despise too.

Matt: A friend. Come on. They'll all be cross dressing and dancing in Birdcages in no time!

Carla: Matt, always ready with a witty response. The Trustee's agreement to keep both Diane and Will, while manipulating their largest income generator, Lee, to stay puts him in the friend category, for now. That could easily change.

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I hope Kristin Chenoweth gets back I like the way she was going with her questioning of Alicia, and that she was after Will for comments. This tells us she knows more about the hidden secret from an inter-office person, wouldn't that blow the lid off the cake.


1. Alicia and Cary scenes were very genuine. Their relationship has transformed from the bitter sweet. 2. There was a reason Kalinda married him and another why she left. Was he abusive? There is just too much uncertainty that goes beyond sex for these two. Maybe this is where we discover how 'Kalinda' began. 3. It seems pointless. All Peter did was tell the guy to back off, he would have clearly done the same for his own son. Maybe it may work in Peter's favor next time their paths cross. 4. The Trustee is simply there to help the business and he's good at his job. There is no friend or foe in this picture, just someone for the business.


I'm soooo over Kalinda. The scenes with the long lost husband are ridiculous and boring., worst part of the premiere.


In the end I hope everyone has a big hanky you will need it, Will is going to betray Alicia and try his usual slez to pass the buck and have her disbarded. But it will all backfire and he ends up in prison and yes Peter will be the real winner, Alicia never left him she just played a game to keep him thinking.


Very turned off my the Kalinda and that sociopath husband of hers. The guy is such a creep sleaze...he would run me to woman too! :) I really think trying the SEXY up domestic abuse is NOT cool. WTH, are TGW writers thinking!!! I too LOVE the Will and Alicia exchanges, glad to see that Will ALWAYS has her back. They have a GREAT chemistry, even liked the bubbly WELCOME BACK she had for him, mirroring his exchanged in S1. Their friendship and strong connection as been my draw to the show. I really do not want to see Alicia back with Peter...that would be so much of a regression for her. Zach did he leg work that impressed his Mom, when she told him he looked so proud! Now if they can do something with Grace, the Florrick kids normally irritate me. Nathan Lane putting David Lee in check was...PRICELESS! I hope they get rid of Kalinda's husband soon. Thank you for the roundtable discussion, I enjoy reading it.


I was really disliking the Kalinda scenes. They were vicious and I refused to think that Kalinda or her husband were heroic. I really liked the exchange between David Lee and the Bankruptcy Trustee. Awesome! Also liked the Alicia and Will exchange. I am still rooting for them. I would hate to see Alicia get back with Peter.


I'm losing interest in Kalinda and it's a shame because I loved S1-S2 Kalinda. And I loved her when she was part of the team. Yeah, I would have liked to know more about her past but that storyline is adding nothing new to Kalinda's character and it's stealing too much from other plot lines.
I would have taken more Cary over creepy hubby storyline any day. Cary's character is crying for a strong storyline from season 3. And I don't see what's the point of having him back at L&G if his role and screentime are as tiny as ever. And I don't see why Cary's character is the only one who had to suffer that treatment from season 2. Yeah, the poor guy can't catch a break.

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