The L.A. Complex Review: Raquel's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

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It's always a good day when more people on The L.A. Complex have sex than attempt suicide or burn themselves with teapots. 

In "Taking the Day," the ratio was a little close, but let's be grateful everyone just barely managed to survive. Who had it the worst? I'd like to nominate Raquel for that honor. Not only did she spend the night in jail, but she was rejected by Connor,and hit even lower than rock bottom by agreeing to sign on to the fictional equivalent of Celebrity Rehab entitled Celebrity Halfway-House

Getting Fingerprinted

Yes, she was irresponsible with her drinking. Yes, she pushed Connor away and said really terrible things to him. And yes, she missed her call time. 

But the reason why Raquel had the worst day ever, even while being mostly responsible for all of these things, is because Raquel is self aware enough to realize that she's made a ton of mistakes and is now being forced to pay for each one. Without Connor around to throw the blame on, Raquel is left with just herself. Correction: she's left with herself and a drink in hand. 

I loved the opening sequence of tonight's episode that showed Raquel's booking. She went from looking composed with a cut on her head to a total vulnerable mess in orange. It's a close tie with my other favorite opening that showed Kaldrick getting ready to leave his house, putting together his image.

As for Connor, I couldn't help feel horrible for him. He seems helpless most of the time, going from a relationship with Raquel where he did what he was told, to a contracted relationship with Jennifer Bell, who surprisingly seems to have her act together, minus the whole contracted publicity stunt thing. 

I like how her character is developing; it would be far too easy to make her out to be a villain in the whole mess, but as usual The L.A. Complex doesn't go for what's easy. It actually attempts to develop its characters.

This brings me to my other favorite character. This week, things seemed fairly calm for Kaldrick, although anything really pales in comparison to attempted suicide, tearful confessions and mystery fathers. Kal moves his dad in with him and fights with Rook, who doesn't let Kal forget what his father is really like. I'm worried for Kal. If he confides in his father and his father rejects him, there's no coming back for the guy. As it is, it's clear his father has no idea what Kal is hiding. 

Kaldrick seemed resigned by the end of the episode when being presented with a kind woman.  

On the lighter, sexy side, Abby lands back in bed with Saying Grace's favorite brother and sister. Only she really likes Brandon. And Brandon actually really likes her. But oh wait... Laura like-likes Abby! But Abby isn't interested in Laura like that, but she's willing to bite the bullet and sleep with her if it gets her closer to Brandon. This storyline was a bit eye roll inducing, but if you're Abby, and sex isn't all that sacred of an act, would it really make much of a different to sleep with a girl in order to also get the guy you want? Perhaps not, but I'm glad this aspect of the episode didn't take up much time. Even though it was fun to look at for pretty much demographic.

Two other storylines this week dealt with sex. One concerned Beth who told a man she met she is 22  Is this true? I can't seem to gauge how old she's supposed to be. 18? I can't pin her down. But perhaps that's because Jack, the married man in tonight's episode, already did. 

I want success for Beth, but I'm not sure how she's going to get that by living only for her brother Simon and sleeping with a married man. It would appear she did get what she wanted though, since she looked like the cat that swallowed the canary.

Meanwhile, Nick takes a second trip to the brothel that will inevitable help him get the job he's fighting Sabrina for. But with the pretty prostitute's help, Nick brings Sabrina some In-n-Out and all seems at peace with them, at least outside of the writer's room.

Does no new promo next week mean that The L.A. Complex isn't on? I'm in the dark, so any help is welcome, especially from two members of the cast who I know read TV Fanatic, Brett Dier, who plays one-third of the threesome, Brandon; and William "Big Sleeps" Stewart, who plays Kal's skeptical friend Rook. 

We are the few. The proud. The L.A. Complex fans. Spread the word. 


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I really enjoy this please please please don't tell me they are taking it off the air! Regarding the ep - I really feel bad for Raquel. I know she is her own worst enemy but please give this girl a break! I really wanted her and Connor to work out but he definitely has his own demons to contend with. Kaldrick is really taking a chance on his father and I hope the decision doesnt come back to haunt him. The Simon/Beth storyline is only so-so to me and you can't tell me the girl is 22...she is definitely 18...19 at best! Sabrina really annoys me b/c she is such a hypocrite. I think the way she treats Nick is terrible but he seems to be a glutton for punishment!! I hope they bring back Tariq and the girl who went on the Usher tour.


i love this show! hope it picks up more of a following!


Sabrina really annoyed me last night when she suddenly expected Nick to play fair. Funny she didn't have any problems when her dirty tricks (erasing Nick's hard drive, abandoning him without money/phone) seemed to be working for her. Does anyone know if Tariq (or the dancer from Season 1) will be returning to the canvas?


Mandy, that isn't untypical. Pretty much all American shows get purchased to air on Canadian networks as they will be airing up here regardless (we get the American networks on top of our own networks), the Canadian networks might as well try to earn some advertising dollars from them. I think one of the reasons she lied about her age could be that she was drinking in a country that you need to be 21.. that and he probably wouldn't sleep with an 18 year old.

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