The L.A. Complex Review: Real Acting

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Every week on The L.A. Complex another character is dealing with a battle.

Whether it's Raquel's inner struggle to accept how she's perceived or Kaldrick's constant battle within himself to tear down who he really is, the idea of tonight's episode ("Choose Your Battles") resonates with each character's inner and external struggles. 

This installment, like so many others in this series, is particularly well-structured, opening with Kal getting out of bed in just his underwear and suiting up to become Kaldrick King, the rapper. It looked like work for him... because it was. He has to strap on his identity daily and it's wearing on him, especially when he's constantly challenged to defend it, this week by Infinite Jest and the press, since he needs to make some appearances to reassure the public the King is not dead, but very much alive and rapping.

An Angry King

But nothing is ever easy, and Tariq haunts Kaldrick's every move, pushing him out of the recording studio, inspiring him to stop Infinite Jest from getting beaten up too terribly, and leading him toward the 19th Street Mission, where we learn his father resides. Another twisted ending involving Kaldrick, which I love.

Raquel is fighting on a number of fronts, even though she had an easier week this time around. We actually get to see the actress act, and she's pretty great at it. Major props to Jewel Staite for taking on this meta-role with aplomb. I actually forgot about the whole pregnancy thing until the end of the episode, when she had severe cramps/morning/night sickness. Or was she losing the baby? Nothing was quite clear except for the fact that she is quite guarded with her feelings and after initially pushing Connor toward his rather indecent proposal, she now feels some major remorse. 

Meanwhile, Simon and Beth are striking out with their homemade head shots, but only because their original agent is a scam artist. With some creative lying, Beth manages to get Simon an audition, but sacrifices one of her L.A. rules in the process. Simon points out the lies to Beth, but all she can see is the success of her own plan. 

Simon doesn't end up getting the part, Beth is angry, and her and some Lux friends each Chinese. All is well, for now, but how much will Beth give of herself to try and get Simon a role? I predict an Alicia-like slope for the character of Beth, to a lesser degree and minus the pornography and sex tape. 

As for Nick and Abby, shippers take a breath. I doubt this break up will last, and I agree with Abby's assessment that these two moved way too quickly.  Of course, Abby is just as quick to bail on the relationship as she was to move in, but at least that much is in character. As for Nick and Sabrina, I did feel badly for Nick, and respect his wish to keep things civil, but perhaps this battle for his career is one that he should indeed be picking, as Sabrina is clearly succeeding as the better comedian and fighter of the two.

And by the way, why does Abby appear to like the actor she's playing opposite of on Saving Grace? He seems so boring. I loved that she slipped him the tongue though, as television kissing does always seem to be nothing like the real thing, unless you're watching it on cable. Another seemingly real moment. 

Looking forward to next week's episode? Stay tuned.


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I love the show.i want conor&raq to be together and for kal to confess to his dad.and maybe tariq comes to an epi tht will be great


Latest epi: omg conor better open his eyes cuz hes blind I think jen is no good he should be with raq.jen is using him(i think:)i hope..i just want him to be with raq.and im glad shes doing the show she needs the money as for beth and simon I sense something bad coming:(


I absolutely love this show and I'm hoping that CW in its typical fashion doesn't cancel the show. My favorite character would have to be Kal he's so complex and by far the most interesting. I strongly dislike Beth she's such a b**ch I understand they had a rough time of it growing up but she doesn't have to be so rude all the time. Abby is a selfish leech she just uses people to her advantage and discards them like she did Nick and now she's had a gross threesome. I love Nick's character and I'd love to see him with Sabrina. Connor and Racquel are definitely who i'm rooting for as a couple but she's got MAJOR issues her attitude and ego are way over the top and she's often annoying and unlikeable. Overall this show is AMAZING its so realistic and raw I hope its here to stay.


I hope conor gets back w/ raq. Cuz obvisously they brok-up in this newest epi.&i wonder if tariq&the king get back together...i dnt think soo due to the fact tht he wasnt on any new epi's

Lisa palmer

I do read the comments! Saying Grace! Did not realize that. I think it's funny either way though. I'll make sure to correct that next time around. I like who Simon and Beth represent, but I agree. I am not sure I absolutely need them in the show. But I'm invested in the direction of their storyline.


i am dying for Nick and Abby to break up. I love abby...and i like Nick (don't love him but he is ok)...but i don't like them together. Nick is better off with Sabrina. The scenes they have together are his most likeable. When abby is with him it makes her boring and i really was rooting for her and connor to find eachother eventually but i will settle for her and new boy. I cannot believe how much Kal has grown as a character in such a short amount of time. It really speaks volumes about the writing of this show. I think if this show was a full blown american show that had've been pimped out by the cw like its original programming then it would be doing far better than it is but I hope the network gives the shows fans a little love and keep airing all seasons of it. I do agree with people about Beth and Simon...they were such an unnecessary addition (plus really random) and i can do without them although i do love that it gives screen time to one of my old favs from another Canadian show instant star. I really hope they didn't think Beth could replace Alicia....i miss her and was really looking forward to seeing where her storyline was gonna go...anyone know if she is coming back...tariq too?


Blerggh cannot STAND the Beth and Simon storyline...she's annoying and he's unappealing. I understand that all sorts of people of all ages want to be famous but having a child live at the all night all day partying Luxe is unrealistic and grating!
As someone who's watched from the beginning these two are an unnecessary addition!


For the third week in a row: Abbys show is called Saying Grace, not Saving Grace ;-)
At least now we know that the reviewer doesn't read the comments ;-)


Ya, i feel so bad for Raquel, :( it breaks my heart seeing her the way she is.
Question for everyone who wants to answer. Who is your favourite new character added to the show? I'd have to say either Brandon or Beth. They're different than everyone else. What do y'all think?


I've never liked Raquel before but it breaks my hurt to watch her having to see Connor and Jennifer together. I know she probably regrets encouraging Connor to accept the offer from Jen... Looks like she lost the baby at the end too..

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Nick: Where are we?
Abby: I can't talk about this right now, but have a nice day!

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Abby: I'm on TV!