The Secret Life of the American Teenager Review: Good in Bed

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Well... I'm not sure about you guys but the title "Setting Things Straight" led me to believe that Amy would finally come clean to George about not eloping. But, alas, The Secret Life of the American Teenager decided to drag out another secret. 

That said, George did have an opening to confront his daughter when they were at dinner together. Amy wanted to talk to him and they were really bonding. Maybe he wanted her to tell him only if she was ready?

Amy Envies Ricky

I've really grown to care for George. Sure, sometimes he is selfish, but who isn't? I also think I like him and Kathleen as a couple. She makes him happy and it softens him as a person. He's less angry and stressed. I also really gained a new respect for Kathleen this week. The advice she gave to Grace was really sound.

After meeting the very beautiful Clementine, who has a history with Ricky, Amy was feeling insecure about herself. Ricky has been with a lot of girls and she's only been with him. Suddenly this pretty girl reappears and it makes her nervous. It's a fairly natural response. I just wish Amy would stop coming up with a different excuse every week for why she wanted to elope. At this point she has like 10 different reasons. Pick one and stick to it!

Maybe it's because the girls are growing up, but I finally felt like their conversations were more relatable. For all the times they use the word "sex" they never really talk about it, except to mention that so and so is pregnant. Yes, girls really do talk about sex probably just as much as guys do. They compare how people are in bed and talk about whether or not it's good, what they liked and what they didn't. 

At first I was surprised that Amy was so against having that conversation, especially since she has done her fair share of gossiping. Hello, have you met her best friends Madison and Lauren? I love that she is hanging out with Adrian and Grace, it's so much more fun! Then I realized that Amy was really just uncomfortable because she was nervous what Ricky could be saying about her performance between the sheets.

Grace's thinks she's the cat's meow because she's hit it with three different dudes. Glad Kathleen told her that it didn't make her superior to Amy in any way. No one should ever feel like the quantity is more important than the quality. 

Ben's nervous breakdown is seeming more and more to me like standard teenage angst. He had a lot of freedom, got into a lot of trouble and went through a lot by the age of 18. He's confused, broken and frustrated. Leo is usually a good dad, but Lucy Camden (whose name I've forgotten on this show) helped him see that sometime it's not about parenting to one extreme or the other, it's just about supporting and communicating.

Okay, I've had enough of sounding like an after school special for one evening. What'd you all think? Don't forget to check out this week's The Secret Life of the American Teenager quotes and hit the comments! 


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I get the fact that it's good and healthy to discuss sex in general with your parents or children, but the way they went about discussing it seemed a tad too casual. I am not prude or anything and I am very open and comfortable with my parents, but we would never sit down and discuss our sex lives with one another that openly. I really wish people would just keep their sex lives between themselves and their partner. It's very intimate and private and the way they parade it all over the place is very immature and annoying and truthfully it's getting very old, but I realize this is a TV show and they have to keep the drama coming.
On a positive note, it is nice to see everyone is getting along and Adrian is actually spending time with Amy without Ricky as an ulterior motive!


It was a good episode for this show, ok they still talked about sex but this time it was in a somewhat realistic and quite clever refreshing, i quite like all the new characters : Ethan, Cathy, Clementine (beautiful girl by the way, she looks like an older maybe a little sassier, Omar. I hope they give them great stories if the show continue and leads like Shailene Woodley/Amy decide to go for a full time movie career.
I can't help it : i still love the Amy/Ricky coupling, they seem to mature together as a couple, yep they are very young to be married, to have a child but at the same time they seem to work for the most part, to communicate, to discuss their issues, insecurities, it is enjoyable to watch and not boring which is rare for a tv couple even more on a teen show. And to see a guy who who is tortured, quite self-destructive who succeed and at least try to overcome his issues by really loving someone else like Ricky does with Amy is really compelling imho to watch.
I loved Anne and Georges together but i grow to enjoy Georges with Kathleen, their talks with their respective children was sweet and smart and realistic and to see them respect the relationships each of them have with their own children is great.


i really enjoyed this episode as i thought it promoted the conversation of sex between parent and child. Ben is kind of getting annoying, i seriously over his moods. Amy is finally a good place with her friends, Ricky and her dad.

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You shouldn't really have intrigue about something you have nothing to do with. Should you?

Kathy [to Ethan]

Ok at this point I think I'll venture a guess, defensive sex? You're making yourself more available so I won't fool around with some other woman.

Ricky [to Amy]