Can't a person be in love with two people at the same time?


Maybe you and I are not capable of pleasing a man in a long-term situation.

Grace [to Kathleen]

Sex isn't really great every time you have sex.


Don't go. This is what girlfriends do, talk about guys!

Adrian [to Amy]

If Ricky can be faithful to Amy then I'm sure at some point Jack can be faithful to me and everything will work out just fine.


He wasn't supposed to try and trick you, he was supposed to try and trick your parents.


You shouldn't really have intrigue about something you have nothing to do with. Should you?

Kathy [to Ethan]

Ok at this point I think I'll venture a guess, defensive sex? You're making yourself more available so I won't fool around with some other woman.

Ricky [to Amy]
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