Tournament of TV Fanatic: Melissa McCarthy vs. Alex O'Loughlin!

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Welcome back to the 1st annual Tournament of TV Fanatic!

It's time for you, TV Fanatics, to choose your top CBS star! We'll be conducting surveys among fan favorites from across the network. The concept is easy: Pick your favorite of the two pairs in each poll. That's it!

Mark Harmon and Jon Cryer started us off, followed by Chris O'Donnell and Kaley Cuoco, Simon Baker and Kat Dennings, Julianna Margulies and Michael Emerson and Jim Parsons and Pauley Perrette.

On tap today? Our #6 seed, Mike & Molly's Melissa McCarthy, against #11 Alex O'Loughlin of Hawaii Five-O! Which actor do you love most? VOTE, then check out the full CBS bracket below:

And the Winner is?

Melissa McCarthy or Alex O'Loughlin: Which CBS star do you love more? Cast your virtual ballot here in the CBS edition of our first annual Tournament of TV Fanatic! View Poll »

Poll is now closed! Here are the results:

Melissa McCarthy

Alex O'Loughlin

Total Votes: 2721

We will post polls of these respective matchups daily, and then after each round, update the bracket as some stars advance, while others are eliminated, until the winner is crowned. Make sense?

It's easy, fun and all decided by YOU! Here's the Tournament of TVF CBS field:

CBS Bracket

First-round matchups still to come: #7 LL Cool J vs. #10 AJ Cook; #2 Neil Patrick Harris vs. #15 Tom Selleck.

NOTE: If your favorite didn't make the cut, there will also be a wild card round, on top of NBC, Fox, ABC and miscellaneous (HBO, USA, etc.) brackets! Leave a comment with your nominations.

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Voted for Alex.


Alex is adorable and is a good actor.


Melissa is funny, but my vote and always will go to Alex. The man is fantastic, acting and just as a human being.


I love Melissa and am so glad to see that being a "full figured" lady has not prevented her from attaining success. However, I have voted and always will vote for Alex no matter who his opponent is. He is an incredible actor and a caring, compassionate human being. It's about time he received the acclamation he so richly deserves.


Alex has my vote and Love. He is doing a super job on Hawaii Five-O. He is great to look at too, he plays well with others he and Dan O are so good together. Keep up the good work and I will continue to watch you where ever you may go, hope 5-O stays around for awhile.


I voted for Alex.


Love Alex O'Loughlin, he gets my vote.


Alex O'Loughlin gets my vote. He's a hunk to watch and fabulous actor!


Alex Oloughlin is worth winning, love him as an actor & person. thumbs up guys!!!
love Melissa too but Alex won me over a long time ago :)


I love Melissa! Not only is she hilarious but an inspiration. I think the vote should go to her!

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